The naughty goat swiftly mobile phone to run on the high speed pppd-175

The mobile phone "swiftly" fun goat ran high in November 15th 4 in the afternoon, G3 Beijing and Taiwan Quzhou high-speed traffic police detachment three brigade police patrol, found on the highway has a few goats walking in the driveway, the car was found near the road slope, a flock of sheep in the dense green belt is grass. Rough estimation sixty or seventy like the head, police immediately make the warning measures, a few sheep carefully on the road to go outside the fence. At this time, a middle-aged woman from the green belt in the Bush leaned to face anxiously with the traffic police police, said: "this is my sheep, a not carefully went on the way to go, thank you help me out." She put the flock of sheep led out, a road called Road drive, slowly will flock away from the highway. It was said that the woman where the sheep is not far away from the high-speed road, today as usual for the sheep to eat grass, she sat playing mobile phone, who knows the sheep when she wasn’t looking through the highway isolation fence, enjoy the feast at the roadside slope, fortunately the police in time, there is no accident. Police criticized the woman’s education, she said that the future will pay attention to safety, optimistic about their sheep.相关的主题文章: