The network began fundraising platform posts donated 1 yuan to check the progress of the new network yuanmu

The network began fundraising platform "posts" donated 1 yuan to check the progress of real-time Beijing new network in Beijing in September 1, (Zhong Qing) today China first "charity law" formally implemented, "deregulation of network collection". The day before, the first batch of 13 fund-raising network platform "posts", has become a major bright spot. In the future, whether you donate 1 yuan, 10 yuan, 100 yuan or million yuan, will be able to view the real-time progress of public projects, is no longer a "one-way" through the "interactive" good, you can even be a charitable project supervisor and volunteers, choose the vulnerable groups you care about, give help. Network donation to do public service more convenient this month, the implementation of the charity law, the Internet will be the same as radio, television, newspapers and media forms, become one of the ways to carry out public fund-raising. In the Tencent Charity Foundation Deputy Secretary General Sun Yi, the network service is not only a supplement to the existing charity channels, more innovation, for example, a circle of friends to share can make a positive energy public service spread geometrically. Recently, the Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the first batch of charity fundraising Internet information platform list, including "public Tencent" fund-raising network platform,, micro public welfare, ant payment service public service platform, information platform, easy to raise China charity, Jingdong, Charitable Foundation Center, Baidu charity donation platform, public welfare, Bao Xinhua service platform, to network, Guangzhou charity charity information platform, a total of 13. "One of the great advantages of the Internet platform is to make donations, donors to the fragmentation of the time of use, make it more convenient to participate in public welfare." Liu Qin, director of the Department of social services, Kim Jin Jin told reporters in an interview with reporters. From the help, donors and charitable organizations in three ways, the network has a positive effect of fund-raising. Chinese Charity Association vice president and Secretary General Wang Aiping said, "for the charity organization has raised qualified, fund-raising network platform has a wide audience, spread fast, low running cost advantages, is an indispensable part of the whole industry chain of charity service". Although many advantages of the platform of network collection, Renmin University of China nonprofit Institute Kang Xiaoguang has bluntly, "now fund-raising network platform development" part of dragons and fishes jumbled together, charity law "is a very important standard of network collection". Data chart. Jia Xuemei photo source: visual China how to make a good donor audit pass? As an information platform for the donor to make good audit clearance is the basis of all services. Charity law to clarify the relevant responsibilities of the network platform. "Radio, television, newspapers and periodicals, as well as network service providers, telecom operators, should use the platform to carry out public donations of charitable organizations registration certificate, the public fund-raising qualification certificate for verification." Charity organizations to complete the audit, the platform is the most fundamental prerequisite for providing network services." Sun Yi said that the audit content, including charitable organizations, corporate registration certificate, public offering qualifications, organization code, public account bank information, etc..   general audit time ranged from two weeks to a month, phase)相关的主题文章: