The new crown road carrying t power on the car after 5 million times – car Sohu (video) guitarpro5

The new crown road carrying T power on the car after 5 million times – 18 year old car Sohu, a company of the adult ceremony. (the Sohu auto Ma qian3) recently, Chinese new mainstream media Auto Union in Guangzhou into the Zengcheng Guangzhou Honda factory third, the family settled in China quest 18 years of joint venture enterprises, how to complete a total output of 5 million vehicles, and how it will achieve 1 million 2020 car sales target? T power products for the first time into China in October this year, Guangzhou Honda ushered in the cumulative production of 5 million cars, the cumulative production of only 1 and a half years from the time of the 4 million. In the car market amidst the winds of change arena, the pace did not stop: second 5 million era opens. In order to achieve the goal of one million production and sales in 2020, GAC Honda has long been planning, there is a detailed plan to enhance production capacity and new models into the program." Honda deputy general manager Yuan Xiaohua said. Guangzhou Automobile Group as a joint venture in the car, the first to enter the 5 million car club business, as the beginning, GAC Honda officially opened a new voyage for the future. While the October listing of large luxury SUV — a new crown, has become the flagship product of the next 5 million challenge. As the world’s first strategic model in China, crown road has 20 leading HONDA technology essence, turbocharged engine of 2.0T, also marks the first time Honda T Guangzhou power products import China market. At this point, crown road and Ya Ge Rui hybrid together, realize the Guangzhou Honda in naturally aspirated, hybrid, turbocharged three powertrain on the overall layout. GAC Honda with T turbocharger technology into the Chinese market is relatively late, but we are the first imported T power products crown Road, is a very competitive product." Yuan Xiaohua, deputy general manager of Honda, said Honda 2.0T and 9AT to achieve the most perfect combination, which is one of the selling points of the crown road in the market. In the product introduction of T power, Guangzhou Honda production management department chief Chen Guoxiao introduced this in the powertrain has a roadmap planning, will launch the crown 1.5T next year, there will be follow-up 1.0T products. Three brand operation is the guarantee capacity in July 1, 1998, Guangzhou Honda announced the establishment of joint venture enterprises; in 2008, at the Beijing international auto show, the first Chinese issued a joint venture brand "concept (EVERUS), opened the independent research and development of a joint venture; 2016, Acura (Acura) brand’s first domestic models CDX pound market. So far, GAC Honda officially entered the era of three brands. The new mainstream automotive media alliance into Honda Camry "concept, Acura and Honda, the three through the operation of a brand, to meet the different needs of target users, and jointly promote the brand promotion." Yuan Xiaohua said, will do a lot of research into the each car market, as for the future is the emphasis on small vehicles or large models of planning, according to the market demand and decide. It is reported that in the network.相关的主题文章: