The new Pentium X40 debut suction eye and took away the heart of automobile Sohu antik

The new Pentium X40 debut suction eye and took away the heart – car Sohu in November 18th, thirteenth Chinese (Guangzhou) international automobile exhibition grand opening. As the backbone of its own brand of FAW Pentium, a powerful lineup stunning debut. Among them, the Pentium brand new family of SUV models Pentium X40 edge is now shine, attracted many viewers. This is the first production car in the Pentium X40 identity officially unveiled in front of the professional media and consumers from the Pentium X4 concept car at the Beijing Auto Show debut today, Pentium X40 debuted the upcoming listing, along the way has numerous suction eye, is the focus of attention of the parties. Pentium X40 able to bring the star light, with its own prominent advantages of merchandise. First of all, the high yen value not only suction eye and captivating, the style of rapid, tough, vehicle attitude full of sense of lightness; inheritance Pentium gene hexagonal front grille has strong recognition; slender streamlined headlight is a strong personality, full of inspiration, wisdom, dynamic. Pentium X40 Hale fashion novel appearance, simple and rich sense of technology interior let every visitors stunning praise. FAW Group Based on the maturity of A-class car technology, inherit the Pentium brand family of outstanding genes, Pentium X40 in security, control, quality and many other aspects have a very good performance. It adopts improved 3H structure body, equipped with the ninth generation of BOSCH ESP system, 4GB series high performance engine, the new third generation Aisin six speed manual gearbox, 1.6L gold displacement both high power and economy performance, ensure perfect drivers always have free ride experience. More concern is the Pentium X40 Pentium brand family as the youngest models, well versed in young consumer demand, the network equipment D-LIFE system developed a new Pentium FAW car, equivalent to the intelligent terminal onboard, can be customized to all kinds of online applications, such as navigation, music, radio, news, weather, social so, will allow the occupants of the car life more safe, convenient, fashion. Pentium X40 advantage plus cool yen value, there are many better than the market the same level of competing products leading equipment and intelligent technology, so that the Pentium X40 has a strong market competitiveness. Pentium X40 show at the Guangzhou auto show, so that people are full of expectations for its listing. It is reported that, in accordance with established arrangements, Pentium X40 will be officially listed in March next year. At present, the Pentium X40 listed full of expectations of consumers have been eagerly looking forward to, the listing before the final preparations are under way in wildly beating gongs and drums. I believe it’s better to respond to the expectations of the consumer market, and in the support of consumers, become the Pentium brand’s another star volume models!相关的主题文章: