The new Wang Xing CEO in addition to other business takeaway business has been profitable misao

The new Wang Xing CEO: in addition to other business takeaway business has been profitable Tencent Francisco (Xiang Xin) August 26th news, Wang Xinmei CEO (micro-blog) in today’s Yabuli summer summit delivered a keynote speech at the closing ceremony. Wang Xing said, in addition to other business outside has takeaway to achieve overall profitability, at present, 20% per month takeaway business growth rate, it will vigorously into the new delivery operations. Wang Xing believes that China’s Internet market has reached the second half of the O2O industry. In the past few years, the market has invested huge amounts of money, from the beginning of 2010 of the hundred regiments, thousands of war, to merge in 2014 drops quickly, and then drops with Uber China shortly before the merger, China O2O ushered in the second half. In the O2O industry after several rounds of integration, the company needs to prove their talent shows itself in a lot of money and resources into the past, and that the accumulation of core competence can create value for customers, consumers and investors. "In the past 4-5 years, the U.S. group on total financing of $5 billion 500 million, drops, fast Uber and financing of more than $10 billion, millions of people come in, very hard work round the clock, hope to use the Internet to find O2O online and offline integration new mode." Wang Xing said. The following is the speech by the Tencent, science and technology editing: Wang: I have helped change only 2 pages in the PPT staff, following me to thank Chen Qizong, he gave us a speech, 6 years ago the group has just started and I had the honor to participate in the annual meeting of the Tsinghua enterprise home, annual meeting on Chen also made a speech, one word remember very clearly, I want to put Mr. Chen this sentence told you, "he said at the time that you respect not to come, but not for, must be earned, respect and money, otherwise, must be earned." This sentence gave me a very deep impression, 6 years through my efforts and the efforts of the team, the United States Mission and comments in the fierce competition in the industry is very hard to push forward, so thank you very much mr.. Today is the theme of poetry and the distance, I think of this sentence, although I am not a poet, but we are facing such a complex environment, regardless of the international environment and industry environment we need to make an effort to very complex environment as much as possible to reduce the most simple, easy to understand, but also help to solve the above words the problem. I thought the word I want to say is "second half", then I will be divided into two part explains why I think it is in the second half, the second half is what mean? What else should we do in the second half. We’ll talk about the second half in four ways. First, the company itself. After all, I was the founder of the company CEO, the United States Mission review we wait for the opening of the second half. Some comrades know, our beauty is a company founded in 2010, the public comment is a company founded in 2003, in October last year, the U.S. group and the public comment with a U.S. group of comments, we are now the largest Internet service platform. Over the past 12 months, there are 220 million people in the above consumption, we are China’s top three electronic business platform. In addition to 2.2 per year!相关的主题文章: