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Religion Have you seen angels? Perhaps, you have caught a glimpse of departed family members or friends. I have for the greater part of my life been aware of life existing in worlds far more subtle than the matter we call earth. Friends frequently ask me how do we look when we do not have a physical body. I have .e to the conclusion that the departed make themselves look familiar so we can recognize them. They do appear younger, healthier and attractive. The good part is that the souls are for the most part free and are not in physical pain although emotional pain may linger. Invisible help .es in different forms. One of my families favorite stories on this subject was Dad’s recuperation from a triple by-pass surgery. During his recuperation, he experienced the presence of invisible beings that he referred to as the "Little People." Although Dad was a very deep and contemplative man, he had never experienced visions prior to the one experienced in the hospital. He claimed that the invisible "Little People", who only he could see, devotedly "worked" on the healing of his incisions while he was lying in his hospital bed. The doctors and nurses were amazed at his rapid recovery. Later, after returning home to recuperate, Dad had another experience where he felt dizzy as he walked to the bathroom. He turned around and slumped back onto his bed. Feeling discouraged and sorry for himself, an unexpected and sudden vision from another dimension appeared similar to a television set fully turned on. He was shown by angelic friends a very ragged, poorly dressed, dirty, skinny, pale barefoot young boy. A celestial Voice said to him, "This is how you see yourself. Now, we will show you how we view you from our perspective." The ragged and poor boy disappeared and a new scene appeared that was dramatically different. Dad appeared as a well dressed, handsome, clean, healthy and happy looking young man. The Voice continued and said, "This is how we see you." Perhaps, we all need to remember who we really are, a part of God, and not allow ourselves to be.e a victim. Our prayers reach the subtle worlds. Using the name of someone who has physically died is important in healing prayers. In the invisible world, a name is like a telephone number. If you are interested in making a connection to the energy of angels, archangels, saints and masters, either to ask for help or to help others understand, a good name pronounced clearly and lovingly a living connection. This is why there are so many reports from people about seeing or sensing a departed presence when attending a memorial service or funeral. Recently, I went to a memorial service for one of my dearest friends. The service was a celebration on every level. Because this dear soul was always cheerful as a human, everyone who was present at the service felt her amazing vibration. Because the departed one is the focus and his or her name is being repeatedly mentioned, it is typical for a soul to attend its own funeral. Some of us, like myself, can see the soul. Others feel a touch. In this case, I saw my friend standing by the piano dressed in pulsating radiant purple energy. During her physical life, she loved to participate in the Universal Dances offered in her city. At her service, she was both felt and seen gracefully moving around the large room. The message we recieved was definitely one of joy and a new freedom. Just because you cannot see the invisible world and its inhabitants, does not mean it isn’t there right along side your physical existance. Experiences with the subtle worlds happen in every area imaginable. Angelic missions embrace rescues, protection, guidance, healing and warnings. When we are open to a higher form of help, it .es. What we attract is determined by our consciousness. This is why I repeatedly mention stay away from psychic board games or any activity that will attract negative and manipulative spirits. Guarding your emotions and curiosity for areas that invite negative intruders is best left alone. Many intruders, invisible negative souls, do not know anything about love, light and goodness. Beauty and wholeness is not real to them. They assume sickness and pain is normal. Negative discarnates are attracted to people who are not balanced in either body, mind or soul. In my healing work, they have .e as attachments to some of the people asking for help. As long as we live in duality, we are exposed to both the dark and the light. Your experience with the subtle worlds depends on how balanced you are at the moment of interaction. Increase your own light and loving nature and your experiences will reflect your heart. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: