The police quickly rushed to the hospital for pregnant women to clear the way this thing all the yea

The police quickly rushed to the hospital for pregnant women to clear the way: this thing all the year round in the dry – Beijing Yangcheng Evening News reporter Xue Jianghua, correspondent to Xuan reports: 23, an article entitled "@ Guangzhou police see you doing" Bowen suddenly appeared in the @ Guangzhou public security, micro-blog home page, then lead to a large number of the crowd of friends. For this post, many users see after the Guangzhou police for pregnant women to give birth to clear the way to send medicine warm heart action point of praise. Interview with reporters today Guangzhou police learned that, "it’s all the year round in the dry". The traffic police to clear the way, 13 minutes will be sent to hospital for pregnant women is October 22nd at 15:56 PM, central city road Dabei overpass Road on the Guangzhou Traffic Police Brigade Yuexiu police officer Shen received public assistance, a car license plate for the Guangdong AZ0E41 a pregnant women to give birth on the taxi and went to the Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center for emergency. After receiving help, Shen police quickly put aside the work, immediately through the walkie talkie to the brigade control center report. To the scene, Shen police officer saw, for help in the back seat of the woman lying in the back of the taxi, closed eyes looked very painful, accompanied by a man. Seeing the situation, he immediately driving a police motorcycle escort for carrying pregnant women taxi way. At the same time, the center of the group control center in the background, according to the surveillance video, the signal will be straight along the path of the lock, to maximize the conditions for the creation of preferential taxi. At the same time, Guangzhou Traffic Police Brigade Yuexiu arrange 3 police at the train station in West Plaza, Guangyuan Road The Kowloon Hotel on the road, Wang Shengtang road to route traffic security. This usually takes 25 minutes away, in the emergency rescue of the traffic police, took only about 13 minutes, the taxi driver will be successfully delivered to Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center. Reporters in the police released the law enforcement recorder video to see, to participate in the escort of taxi drivers on their own in the course of the escort may have expressed concern about traffic violations. In this regard, Guangzhou traffic police said that if the escort process is indeed an electronic monitoring equipment recorded violations, the parties can apply for revocation of the traffic police to Guangzhou, Guangzhou police will be revoked according to law. The recipients of pregnant women: thanks to the traffic police opened Easy Access police in Guangzhou for pregnant women to give birth for emergency escort after the next day, the woman expressed his gratitude by WeChat at the same time, hope the police can focus on recognition of the driving Guangdong AR952 police motorcycle road police escort. The recipients of pregnant women said their severe bleeding in emergency threatened abortion, and met with a traffic jam on the way to the provincial MCH, fortunately, police on duty to rapidly open up Easy Access. Due to timely rescue, the current baby safe and healthy. Reporters learned that, after the release of this WeChat, @ Guangzhou public security and @ Guangzhou traffic police micro-blog forward and interactive, triggering a large number of users praise praise point. As of 23, when the number of micro-blog, the number of relevant comments forwarded more than more than 5000 times, like the number of points to harvest more than 16 thousand times more than 12. This year, some of the good news of the traffic police know more than D this year, the Guangzhou police have accumulated 312 people to assist the police, with an average of more than 1 per day. -.相关的主题文章: