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The quality supervision department YanZha appliance energy efficiency labeling chaos: forged a maximum penalty of 100 thousand energy efficiency labeling data picture "save money, low environmental protection standard" is one of the many people buy household appliances, household appliances household appliances mainly depends on energy consumption view posted energy label. The day before, the energy efficiency labeling Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Guangling district market authority of the home appliance market were examined. Reporters visited found that large appliances energy efficiency labeling have been posted, and a number of small household appliances have appeared in the logo missing". Chaos 1 small appliances did not mark in accordance with the provisions of appliance energy efficiency labeling from the beginning of 2006 domestic gas instantaneous water heater and gas heating water heaters, now covering TV, refrigerator and washing machine, electric cooker, printer etc.. Yesterday, a few home appliance stores in the city center, the reporter saw, large appliances energy efficiency labeling have been posted, some small appliances are energy efficiency labeling missing". In an electric appliance store, a full range of intelligent electric cooker on the shelf no energy efficiency logo. Sales staff said, to go to the warehouse to see if it is affixed to the box. Law enforcement officials said, in addition to television and computer monitors, because the body can not be labeled, can be affixed to the packaging box, other household appliances can not be affixed to the energy efficiency labeling box. In another appliance store, also found a lot of gas stoves, range hoods and rice cookers and other small appliances are not posted energy efficiency logo. A household gas stove samples, production date is 2015, the body did not see energy efficiency logo. Law enforcement officers said that the domestic gas energy label is from the beginning of 2014, before 2014 can not paste, but after 2015, requires labeling. Sales staff explained that the sample will not be sold, so there is no posting. For the case without labeling, Guangling district market authority will investigate and verify, if found in violation of the provisions of the energy efficiency labeling is not posted, will be ordered to rectify the appliance store. Chaos 2 individual household appliance identification Luantie reporter visited found that individual brand appliance energy efficiency labeling posted position of a wide variety, affixed to the upper left corner, attached to the center, and attached to the appliance back, which makes many consumers want to buy household appliances are difficult to find. When I buy a refrigerator, air conditioning, the first thing I want to know how energy efficiency, but some air conditioning can not find a circle." Zhao said the public, there is no energy efficiency labeling, he first ruled out, but a lot of energy efficiency logo can not find how. In addition, many home appliance energy efficiency logo is the new and old "mix", to the refrigerator as an example, both the energy efficiency labeling according to standard in 2015, 2008 are standard. In this regard, the appliance store industry sources, he should know the replacement of new products and new logo, but the old product inventory takes a long time to digest, or sell new products, old products sold up may be some trouble." Chaos 3 old and new energy efficiency labeling mix it is reported that the NDRC and the National Quality Inspection Administration issued a "energy efficiency labeling management measures" revised by the end of February this year, and formally implemented in June 1st of this year, the old version of "energy efficiency labeling management approach" abolished at the same time. The new version of "spring"相关的主题文章: