The So-called healthy Food That Is Making You

Nutrition There are a lot of foods out there that the producers claim is healthy. Look at all the low fat foods for example, they claim to be healthy, but they won’t help you lose fat at all. Instead of those though, I want to address a food that many people have believed is healthy for a long time, and think it’s a good alternative to other processed foods. What I’m talking about are "whole-wheat" products. Many people buy whole wheat pasta, breads, flour, etc to replace their white counterparts. This has been touted as a health food for a long time and many people still believe it. But it also may be the reason those people can’t seem to get slim. While whole wheat foods may be slightly healthier than the white versions, it’s not by much. These foods are still highly processed and contain many chemicals which will clog up your liver and prevent you from losing weight. The whole wheat stuff is also greatly refined and is processed by the body much in the same as the white is, which means spiking your blood sugar and promoting fat storage. The reason so many .panies are making whole wheat versions of all their foods is not because it’s healthy for you. It’s because those products sell. Just like the low fat craze that happened awhile back, the .panies are just trying to make products that you will buy, they don’t care about your health. So do yourself a favor and start eating more natural foods. Not whole wheat processed food, but fresh whole foods like fruit and vegetables. Even meat is great for you as long as it’s not grown in a factory and pumped with hormones. Changing this one thing in your diet can have some huge results, and fast too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: