The supply side reform and speed index of cautious optimism

The supply side reform and speed index of cautious optimism reporter Wang Zhuying – Shenzhen two city the main index of high volatility, index futures performance differentiation, one is the CSI 300 SSE 50 index and the performance is weak when the corresponding performance is more weaker than the stock index; the other is the CSI 500 index rose as the corresponding index or more. Analysts pointed out that, when combined with pre refers to the position decline, short-term market sentiment cautious, supply side reforms have signs of speed, large blue chip logic underpinning remains unchanged, in the long term is still bullish. Positions decline cautious look up from the surface, IF1609 yesterday fell 0.05% or 1.6 points, to close at 3328.2 points, 11.36 points premium, stock index fell 0.04%; IH1609 yesterday closed at 2230.6 points, down 0.12% points or 2.6 day, the stock index with the previous trading day flat; IC1609 rose 0.52% to 6477.2 points yesterday, discount 40.78, the CSI 500 index futures yesterday rose less than 0.36%. "Refers to IH and IF trend is weaker than the spot, IC stronger than the spot, the three index futures premium overall consistent with yesterday, did not change significantly, the market reaction to see more and more is expected to remain strong. But the far month contract premium is still high, also shows that in the long-term market is not optimistic." Founder medium-term futures analyst Peng Bo said. Bloomberg pointed out that the stock index is still a sideways trend, in addition to insurance stocks remain strong, banks, securities are relatively weak, Shanghai again in line impact but failed to break that near the technical line last year a huge sell-off. IF1609 positions, lighten up 2247 to 31613 hand in hand, IH1609 lighten up 832 to 12872 hand in hand, IC1609 lighten up 1018 to 20658 hand in hand. Specifically, IF1609 long before the 20 seats to lighten up 1765 hand, short of 20 seats to lighten the intensity bigger, 1882 hand IH1609; in contrast, long before the 20 seats to lighten up 746 hand, 20 seats are short hand to lighten up 659 IC1609; the main short lighten the intensity of large, 1079 hands, long the main Jiancang 777 hand. "The total positions three index decline, reflect the decline stage after the recent continuous rise. However, from the rhythm, the total position of IC decline faster and faster, earlier, which is consistent with the pursuit of a more stable overall market style blue chip." CITIC futures analyst Zhang Ji said. Analysts taking bicker "from the fundamentals, the stock market still more negative factors, foreign exchange reserves of nearly two months of continuous decline in the RMB devaluation is expected to remain. Second tier real estate stocks rose stock market liquidity, bad stock market. Poor economic fundamentals, private investment further reduced, which will affect the medium-term trend of the stock market. Index is difficult to continue to strengthen, short-term or maintain concussion, but the medium-term may still be the trend of shock down." Peng Bo said. Different from Bloomberg’s pessimism, Zhang’s view is more optimistic相关的主题文章: