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The United Nations Secretary General designate: the maintenance of peace is the primary task – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, the United Nations on 14 October, (reporter Shi Xiaomeng Hu Yousong) UN Secretary General designate Antonio Guterres? Local time 13 days to accept an exclusive interview with Xinhua news agency said that the maintenance of peace will be his primary task on the post, he will work closely with a member of the United Nations, is committed to solve the problem of world peace and security. The seventy-first session of the general assembly 13 officially appointed former Prime Minister of Portugal, the former United Nations High Commissioner for refugees Antonio Guterres? For the next UN Secretary general. Term from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2021. Guterres said that at present, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and other places suffering from conflict problems, regional conflicts related to each other, adding to global terrorism, and solve the conflict to a large extent to curb the spread of terrorism. Therefore, this will be the main work of his term, which is the most serious situation in Syria, will be the top priority. This is the official appointment of the general assembly, Guterres first interview with Chinese media. When asked how to deal with Syria and other hot issues on different positions, Guterres said that the Secretary General of the United Nations is the role of mediation, mediation, the parties will gather together to resolve conflicts. He said, I want to make them understand that the unity of all parties, to stop the war rather than the pursuit of interests in the conflict. In the conflict, there is no winner." From June 2005 to December 2015, Guterres served as the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, responsible for the leadership and coordination of global refugee affairs. In the meantime, he repeatedly on Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries, the voice of refugees. To bring their own service refugees for ten years past, Guterres said, to help and protect the world’s most vulnerable groups are honored, but he can do is to reduce the suffering of the refugees, not solve the fundamental problem. Now, he will be a new identity to urge the United Nations to seek political solutions to these problems on the progress, to help solve the problem of refugees. In April 30, 1949, Guterres was born in Lisbon, Portugal, has studied at the Lisbon Institute of advanced technology, majoring in physics and electrical engineering. 1974, Guterres into politics, from 1995 to 2002, served as Prime Minister of portugal. From 1999 to 2005, Guterres served as the major international organizations of political parties, the Socialist International President, presided over numerous inter party exchanges. Guterres recalled that during his time as Prime Minister of Portugal, he was responsible for negotiating with the Chinese government on China’s resumption of sovereignty over Macao. "The whole process is very smooth and effective. It was a great collaboration, and I thank China for that." Guterres also mentioned that when he served as president of the international socialist party, he visited China as a member of the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees during the period, he maintained a constructive exchange with the Chinese government. "I personally respect China’s culture and history and appreciate China’s contribution to world civilization." Guterres said. He said"相关的主题文章: