The United States led the fight against the coalition air strikes is Syrian army stronghold killed d

The United States led air strikes against the Syrian army IS alliance stronghold killed dozens of people in Damascus in September 17, Xinhua (reporter Yang Zhen car loud) according to Syria media reported on 17, the US led international coalition to combat Islamic state on the day of the Syrian army stronghold air strikes killed dozens of government soldiers. The Syrian news agency quoted the Syrian military said in a statement, the International Union Day bombing Syria Zelda hill near the airport east Deir ezzor army, causing casualties and destruction of weapons and equipment. Syria based Human Rights Watch said the air strikes killed 83 Syrian army soldiers and wounded more than 120 government soldiers. Syrian military statement said it was a flagrant violation of the Syrian state and the army. According to reports, the extremist organization Islamic state controls most of the Syrian government in Deir ezzor province area, only to control capital of Deir ezzor city. Since 2014, about 50 thousand civilians in the city live in the Islamic state of the siege. The Syrian government and Russia had repeatedly to the city airdrop of humanitarian aid. (end)相关的主题文章: