The volcano lake group play golden jellyfish mother slobber webquest

The Mother Lake volcano slobber group play golden jellyfish heard as early as a national state of Palau attraction called "Jellyfish Lake", because there lived tens of thousands of "golden jellyfish" and its name, surrounded by small islands around, form a very unique "inland salt lake, the lake was originally a submarine volcano," the lake "connected by stone and coral crevices and sea, so the water flow brings jellyfish survival nutrients, also cut off the enemy’s invasion, here became the land of idyllic beauty jellyfish. Visitors must crawl a bumpy "mountain" to close, because the jellyfish neurotoxins have been degraded, so visitors jumped into the lake and enjoy playing near the jellyfish. The tour guide said the lake is in the U.S. military during World War II the Japanese warship aerial reconnaissance accidentally discovered, then there is often hidden in the Japanese warships, the U.S. Air Force aerial reconnaissance accidentally found a inland lake gleaming in the islands, that is the treasure at the Japanese, and later sent special forces to infiltrate, that makes this mysterious "Jellyfish Lake" exposed to the eyes of the world. Brief introduction: the Republic of Palau (The Republic of Palau), said the Taiwan Republic of Palau, located in the Western Pacific, Oceania, is one of the Pacific Gateway into Southeast Asia, consisting of more than and 200 volcano island and Coral Island, is so far one of the few countries with China diplomatic relations, for the protection of the marine resources, the China is not allowed to trawl fishing form, so fishing Co., the country’s major tourism industry began in 2013, open for tourism, China visa: the entry visa free line does not support at present, people must be with the group to enter the Palau tourism, travel agents can undertake Palau number much, @ Meiya travel network is one of the official micro-blog. Free entry and departure tax of $50. Currency: usd. Credit card: currently does not support UnionPay, the use of dual currency card according to different banks, the need to pay the exchange rate conversion fee 1%~2% . Lease (personally feel cheap) underwater camera: $35, leaving you to burn into the video. Snorkeling goggles: free. For snorkeling goggles myopia: $8. Pull on the flippers: $6. Medusa: $10. Tour guide tip: $7. Sunscreen: sunscreen must be done, even cloudy, where the UV is still our usual encounter 3-4 times, very easy to sunburn. Dining: there are a lot of Chinese living on the island, Taiwanese, so both Chinese and Western food. Welcome to subscribe to the public, I ____________________________________________________ WeChat: QQ759202160 series of Palau related articles:     "   " Palau bat soup;;     &nbs;相关的主题文章: