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The wave of information: mixed ownership reform Pathfinder launched equity incentive plan of hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Securities Times reporter Cui Xiaoli Chinese as the leading cloud computing core equipment and data center solutions provider for you, the wave of information in recent years with the capital market has achieved great development. Company in 2013, in two non-public offering has raised a total of nearly $2 billion fund for the company’s sustainable development provides a strong driving force for the development of the company in the year of 2015. According to Gartner data, the first quarter of this year, the wave of server sales and sales revenue ranked first in the domestic market, the world’s top five server market, including the four, the first server shipments of the world’s first eight. At present, the company has become the first to complete the LAAS cloud computing technology independent distribution companies. At the end of September, the Securities Times reporter walked into the wave of information, visit the server of the company’s production base and cloud computing innovation center. Many people say that we are more like private enterprises." According to the company responsible person, as early as in the last round of SOE reform, the controlling shareholder of the company, the wave of the group has completed the reform of mixed ownership, the formation of state-owned capital, corporate executives and employees holding multiple mixed ownership structure, state-owned capital holding 38.88% stake for the wave of the group, relative holding. This makes the enterprise both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises advantage, for the long-term development of the wave group has laid a solid foundation. The first to launch equity incentive program is the core of IT enterprise. In order to further establish and improve the company’s long-term incentive mechanism to attract and retain qualified personnel, the wave of information in the state-owned listed companies in Shandong, the first to launch equity incentive plan. Through the equity incentive so that the backbone of the staff shareholding, which in itself is a form of mixed ownership, it should be the direction of the reform of state-owned equity incentive system." Company official said, our equity incentive to start earlier, there are also lack of experience, can provide reference to other state-owned listed companies." It is reported that a lot of private listed companies in the industry have done equity incentive. Wave of information before the introduction of equity incentive plan, the number of incentives and other issues of equity, and the competent authorities conducted a number of communication. The first phase of the provisions of the state can not exceed 1%, but we are IT companies, the dependence on human capital is very large, the company’s total of more than 3 thousand people, the proportion of the basic point is not enough. We would like to break, reported 2%, but did not pass." The company official said. According to September 2006, the SASAC and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the "state-owned holding listed companies (domestic) the implementation of equity incentive pilot scheme" (No. 175) regulations, listed companies for the first time the implementation of equity incentive plan grant equity principle should be controlled within 1% of the total equity of the listed company. Shandong SASAC strict implementation of this standard. June 2015, the first phase of the company’s equity incentive plan to complete the registration, to become the Shandong Province相关的主题文章: