The woman woke up bed is now 1 meters snake coiled spit nobuko

The woman woke up at 1 meters long bed curled spit Ptyas son was killed, although later confirmed by non-toxic, but also very scary. Baoliao for map Express News reporter Peng Cheng reported yesterday morning 8 am, who lives in Guangzhou Baiyun District Department of overseas Chinese town south two street, Mr. Liu in his sleep was awakened by his wife screams, the original wife found a treaty 1 meters long snake in the bed. Community policing the two auxiliary police received the alarm after Mr. Liu immediately rushed to the scene, with the pipe on the head to kill the snake. The Baiyun District Department of overseas Chinese town south two Street building houses the 6 floor of a unit. According to tenants Liu introduced, when he was still asleep, I was vaguely heard his wife shouted a snake, and quickly climbed up to look at." Mr. Liu said, when he looked up and saw a 1 meters long, twine thickness snake curled up in bed on the floor. No snake experience Mr. Liu immediately jumped out of the bed and ran to the balcony looking for a section of pipe as a weapon, but when he returned to the room again, the snake disappears. Mr. Liu at a loss then the police for help, Mr and colleagues alarm alarm auxiliary Department of overseas Chinese community policing, rushed to the scene. Mr. Zhong said that after his arrival, the entire bedroom for carpet search, and finally in the corner of the safe to see the snake. At that time it was a group, spit the letter, I do not know what the snake, there is no poison, worried about the bite of residents." Mr. Zhong said that he did not have any experience of snake, afraid of snake expert again too late, so he asked Mr. Liu to iron pipe, constantly hitting the snake’s head, "the snake began quite fierce, want to bite the stick, then slowly die". Finally, the snake in the bell hit slowly no movement. Mr. Chung took the opportunity to use tongs clamped to the snake’s head, snake has died after confirmation in a sack, then thrown into the trash. Experts met with the snake to escape the animal emergency rescue team for the snake is how to climb into their homes, Liu is still puzzling. He told reporters that the neighborhood is open, the grass and trees are distance to a certain distance, although there is a restaurant downstairs, but mainly of food, do not eat snakes and places to sleep that night, the doors and windows of the room are closed. Yesterday, the reporter will be sent to the snake image of the Southern China Institute of endangered animals snake expert Zhang Liang identification, which means that the snake is a water snake, is a non-toxic snake, mainly in the South china. Zhang Liang said the snakes in residential areas or public activities area, not the snake beaten to death, because most of the snake meet people, first of all is to avoid as much as possible, "so if you run away, the snake is not chasing you". Zhang Liang also told reporters that the current Guangzhou City Wildlife Conservation Department and Southern China endangered animal research institute jointly established the animal emergency rescue team ", if the public found" snake nuisance free please come to deal with the team. According to reports, the public can call the government hotline 12345, call the phone number 110 or Guangzhou wildlife protection office telephone number of the group to deal with the request of 83767695. Source: new express 3相关的主题文章: