The world’s deepest ocean blue hole around 1 nautical miles is strictly prohibited to engage in prod

The world’s deepest blue holes around 1 nm is strictly prohibited to engage in production and tourism activities – Beijing, Beijing in October 8, Sansha (Wang Beibei) 8 reporter learned from three Shashi, Yongle islands Management Committee issued regulations, to strengthen ecological protection, any unit or individual shall not be in "Sansha Yongle cave" and around 1 the sea range engaged in fishery production, tourism and other activities. Between the "Yongle cave" is located in the three Shashi Yongle islands atoll Drummond island and islets of the reef, the depth of 300.89 meters depth, ranked first in the world. According to the Yongle islands Commission issued "on the strengthening of the" three Yongle cave "management notice", defined by the three Shashi integrated law enforcement, border departments, neighborhood committees, tourism companies and the relevant units to strengthen the "marine environmental education and to improve the personnel around the cave", "cave protection consciousness"; any units or individuals may not engage in "cave" and the surrounding 1 mile range engaged in fishery production, tourism and other activities; the "cave" scientific research, environmental protection work to the Sansha municipal government approval before implementation. At the same time, Yongle Management Committee responsible for monitoring of "cave" and the surrounding waters and coordination of relevant personnel (comprehensive law enforcement, border guards, militia) plan and control the "cave" and the surrounding area. (end)相关的主题文章: