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Lanzhou city – the Yellow River | mother gave birth to the Sohu of the Yellow River tourism water surging, beef noodles and fragrance. This is the old Jincheng, now the capital of Gansu Province in Lanzhou. You may not stay in this city for a long time, then eat a bowl of beef noodles, drink a tea three, in the Yellow River beach for a walk, and then start your trip to the northwest. Passengers from the plane by the steps taken to the cement ground. The ground in Lanzhou is covered with a thin layer of ice. The plane was minus ten per passenger air is instantly inhaled in each population, and breathe out a plume of white mist, the eye is the "Lanzhou" two words. Jincheng, Hello, I come. A bowl of a city to Lanzhou must not less beef noodles, Lanzhou breakfast is starting from a bowl of beef noodles, the the Yellow River through the city and the city, there are more than 1 thousand halal noodle, beef noodles are consumed more than one million of the day. For the people of Lanzhou, is the sun in the morning light in the beef noodles in a bowl, lunch is Huangbuzelu redemption, but for outsiders, beef noodle is Lanzhou the most resounding name card, no matter what, are proud of the attitude of beef noodles to show the world its infinite charm. As long as you see the beef noodle signs, they can not help but think of Lanzhou. Eat with relish Hand-Pulled Noodle famous Ma Lu beef noodles to visit the Silk Road cultural understanding of a place of past and present is start from the museum, each museum is a history of the development of the people through the cultural relics and historical dialogue, through the time barrier, overlooking the history of the first station of groundless talk. To come to Lanzhou, the Gansu Provincial Museum makes me feel very shocked, relics of bronze ware, glass lamp meet the eye everywhere, sulfur, Ding porcelain, Tang Dynasty statues and fossils. Through the the Yellow River first bridge has seen many stories of Lanzhou came along the the Yellow River Beach Road, you can feel the northwest of the city of Lanzhou amorous feelings, easy people, lush trees, unique water, water and drunk bar, a feeling like living in Lijiang. A lot of Zhongshan bridge pictures of the couple, their loved ones, let me understand the minds of the people of Lanzhou on the bridge to the city of the Yellow River, in the film bridge generations of Lanzhou people’s photos, silently change the city record. I went to the winter, so Zhongshan bridge covered with red lanterns, very festive original ancient times the waterwheel is such! The waterwheel has a long history, unique shape, originated in the Ming Dynasty, the ancient city of Lanzhou is the Yellow River’s oldest waterwheel in Lanzhou garden irrigation tool. Lanzhou water tankers, also called the "crane", "car", "filling the car", "tiger", the park by double water tankers, cofferdam, water mill service room and recreation area, in the south of the Yellow River, when the water natural impulse wheel leaf plate, rotating bucket of water driving, then full scoop water to the river, etc. headspace after poured into the trough, Everfount, into the garden, for the benefit of irrigation. "1," tips Hui Lanzhou more, please respect the customs of Islam in tourism. 2, the temperature difference between day and night in Lanzhou, pay attention to keep warm, and pay attention to keep the moisture of the lips相关的主题文章: