There will be heavy rain in southern part of the Yellow River Province on Sunday-9c8947

On Sunday, there will be moderate to heavy rain in some areas south of the Yellow River province. According to the latest forecast of Henan Meteorological Observatory, low altitude shear line and cold air influence together, September 25-27, our province will have a small to moderate rain weather process, some areas in south of the Yellow River have moderate to heavy rain. This round of precipitation is mainly concentrated in the afternoon of 25 to 26 day night period, the cumulative precipitation of 5~15 mm, of which the southern region of the Yellow River is 15~30 mm, 30~50 mm local, south of the Yellow River, the maximum daily rainfall of 20~30 mm, the maximum rainfall intensity of 10~20 mm hours. Since August 21st, the precipitation in most areas of our province is less than 2~9, and the average temperature in the province is higher than 2~3 degrees centigrade. Due to the continuous precipitation in the province is less, the temperature continues to be high, there is a larger area of drought in the province. According to the automatic soil moisture monitoring in September 22nd, there are 45% drought stations in the province, mainly distributed in Xinyang, Nanyang, Pingdingshan, Zhengzhou, Shangqiu and other places, of which 15% stations are drought and 8% stations are heavy drought. Meteorological experts remind: this precipitation process can to some extent alleviate the current drought in East, South and southwest, the area above the subsequent planting winter wheat will be very favorable; autumn crops have been mature but not harvest area in 25 in a timely rush in the harvest, drying should pay close attention to the weather forecast, avoid precipitation period, so as to avoid the yield and quality of grain mildew; completed harvest area, should seize the land, and pay attention to moisture and drought, base fertilizer to winter wheat sowing in advance, to ensure the proper sowing time. Specific weather forecast is as follows: 25 day, south of the Yellow River, most areas have light rain. The night of 25 to 26, the province has light rain, some areas south of the Yellow River, moderate to heavy rain. On the 27 day, the western part of the northwest, the other parts of the province cloudy with light rain or sporadic light rain. On the 28-29 day, there was still light rain or scattered rain in the southeast.

本周日 我省黄河以南部分地区将有中到大雨根据河南省气象台最新预报显示,受低空切变线和冷空气共同影响,9月25-27日我省将有一次小到中雨天气过程,黄河以南部分地区有中到大雨。此轮降水主要集中在25日下午至26日夜间时段,全省累计降水为5~15毫米,其中黄河以南地区为15~30毫米、局部30~50毫米,黄河以南最大日雨量20~30毫米,最大雨强为10~20毫米 小时。8月21日以来,我省大部分地区降水偏少2~9成,全省平均气温偏高2~3℃。由于全省降水持续偏少,气温持续偏高,省内出现了较大面积的旱情。根据9月22日自动土壤水分监测,目前全省45%的测站出现干旱,主要分布在信阳、南阳、平顶山、郑州、商丘等地,其中15%测站中旱,8%测站重旱。气象专家提醒:本次降水过程可在一定程度上缓解当前中东部、南部和西南部的旱情,对以上地区后续冬小麦的播种将非常有利;秋作物已成熟但未收获的地区可在25日前及时抢收,进行晾晒时应密切关注天气预报,避开降水时段,以免因籽粒霉变影响产量及品质;已完成收获的地区,应抓紧整地,并注意保墒防旱、施足底肥,提前做好冬小麦的备播工作,确保能够适期播种。具体天气预报如下:25日白天,黄河以南大部分地区有小雨。25日夜里到26日,全省有小雨,其中黄河以南部分地区有中到大雨。27日,西部、西北部外,省内其他地区阴天有小雨或零星小雨。28-29日,东南部仍有小雨或零星小雨。相关的主题文章: