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The thirty years Hedong Hexi thirty years after the first half of the real estate market: China or Sohu Financial Review: external interpretation of purchase seem to agree: must get the house before the purchase. Embarrassing is that, in the market to deviate from the theme of the inventory policy at the same time, cooling hot city re resorted to, whether the purchase of credit limit, or, as the future trend of reverse index. This price rise logic is basically clear: to the inventory of real estate policy is the first push, became the biggest boost for the steady growth of money coming out of high leverage, resulting in "the most expensive land" frequent, with no end, timely adjustment of the land policy has been enhanced to the expected prices. Data figure China restriction policy canceled in 2014 after less than two years, have been hot every second city again. After the introduction of the restriction policy in September 18th in Hangzhou, the second tier cities this year, the real estate market ushered in the real estate policy inflection point. Despite the September 18th introduction of the implementation of the "Hangzhou policy" and the purchase of part of the region previously Nanjing, Xiamen, Suzhou City, has been quite gentle, but the investment of non household population in Hangzhou purchase policy, in the city within the scope of the purchase of the suspension to have 1 or more housing units and non city residence households the sale of housing, the purchase of housing including new and second-hand housing, the household registration in the city residents is not in the purchase list. The original match, however, this was evaluated as a tender purchase policy and the effect of some cities before is the same, that is, the purchase of a, it triggered panic buying. According to the number of transactions, as of September 18th 24, Hangzhou new houses and second-hand housing a total turnover of 5105 units, of which the new home of the 3265 sets of second-hand housing units, a record high of 1840. Even developers holding POS machines, rushed to Shanghai to allow customers to swipe. Every time the purchase order, almost all evolved into the gun up and continue to panic buying, introduced this year, the purchase of the city, almost all so. From the first-tier cities Shanghai and Shenzhen in March to purchase, then Xiamen, Wuhan and other second tier city, outside of the interpretation of the purchase of seems to have reached a consensus: must get the house before the purchase. From the National Bureau of statistics released in August 70 large and medium cities in the real estate data, indeed. In August 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price rose city number QoQ and yoy than in July increased significantly, new and second-hand housing prices rose in the city were 64 and 57, respectively, last month increased 13 and 6. New commercial housing prices rose in 64 cities, the city rose last month, there are more than 31, or more than in the city of more than 25, Zhengzhou in the first place with a rise of 5.6%. Second hand housing prices rose in 57 cities, the city rose last month, there are more than 30, or more than in the city of more than 18, the highest increase of $4.5%. This year, the real estate market and the performance of the real estate hot cyclical cyclical policy changes, so many people feel surprised. As we all know, the theme of this year’s real estate is to go to the library.相关的主题文章: