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UnCategorized You need not be very net-savvy to sell gold jewellery over the internet. In order to be successful and make a good sale at one of the auction sites, you only require preparation and some research. The tips given below will help you in carving out a strategy to sell on auction sites. a) Set up an account This is the first step. You need a seller’s account and that is done easily by just following the guidance on eBay. You also need to create a PayPal account, which you can do by utilising the same link. Now you need to have an accurate scale that can precisely weigh ounces, karats and grams. A soft tape that can measure in millimeters along with a magnifying glass .pletes the tools you require to get started. All these are available online. Make sure that the gold you wish to sell has been tested and stamped by your jeweller. b) Do some preparation You need to know how to list the items properly, or else the buying .munity will immediately make out that you are a novice. Study other listings to get an idea and take notes of how they have listed items similar to yours. You can take advantage of the ‘advanced search’ option on eBay to look at gold listings that have been transacted. The results flashing there should give you an idea about the opening prices, the duration of the auction, the type of features used by the seller and the ultimate sale price. They will also tell you which of the categories have been the most successful. Armed with such information, you can list specifics about the style, condition and purity of the gold you want to sell and provide the buying .munity enough reasons to appreciate the items you have on sale. c) Follow the market Visit financial websites to keep track on what is happening in the gold market and how prices are fluctuating on a daily basis. Know your karats and how eighteen karat gold item is valued more in terms of its purity .pared to fourteen karat gold. The internet is a fantastic repository of information which you need to use to your advantage. d) Start the process of listing When you are ready with the required information to sell gold jewellery, utilise the space available on the title bar to give a nice title to your account. Make sure you list your item under the appropriate category. Go to the ‘sell’ tab in your seller’s account when you are ready to list. Selling gold on eBay is no more intimidating than selling anything else – if you are prepared. Give your gold a keyword dense title and use every single space allotted to you in the title bar. Choose the appropriate category in which to list your gold. e) Post good snaps Take clear close-up photographs of the items from different angles and post them on the gallery along with information on its weight. You may have to make some payment to eBay to use the "picture pack" feature, but it will help in presenting the photos in an enlarged and visible form. Good clear pictures make for great selling tools and you should not mind coughing up some money for this. Finally, .e out with a nice narration about your item in terms of its style, colour, size and purity without being too verbose. Be honest to point out any flaws if they are present and solicit emails from interested buyers. Ensure that you respond quickly to any queries and you will soon be successful in making good sales. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: