Tips To Use An Seo Friendly Web

SEO Thinking of using an SEO friendly web directory but dont know how to get started? Well, first things first, you need to make sure that your content is .pletely search engine optimized. Much like traditional search engines, they check your content for keyword stuffing and other spam-like attributes, as well as the overall quality of your content. In fact, these things can get your website marked as spam by search engines. These are just a few of the things that you are required to do just to post your links on an SEO friendly web directory. Here are some content and website design tips for posting your links to an SEO friendly web directory: Avoid keyword stuffing. Use keywords but dont suffocate your readers with poor content. Use catchy titles! Make sure the URL consists of words, and not numbers or terms Update your website regularly! SEO friendly web directories and search engines actually look at the frequency that a website is updated. Make sure that your content is good, both in terms of the language used, and in terms of what exactly youre saying in it. Everyone likes informative and relevant articles and most website owners are often willing to exchange links if your content is good enough. If a directory asks you to pay for posting your links on it, it isnt an SEO friendly web directory. This is because search engines like Google or Bing simply dont like purchased links. You have to build up your rep through your content and proper search engine optimization techniques like using the right density of keywords, proper categorization and catchy titles. I would ignore paid directories altogether just because of this. This is your choice though. There are a few premium directory services that actually are SEO friendly and charge you simply because they have running costs too. Website marketing and link building is not a o.ime thing. This is a continuous process, if you want to retain a decent rank on search engines. Remember, the idea isnt to go bankrupt online, its to earn online. If you have to spend on something, spend on good hosting or hire some content development and SEO experts that can actually benefit you. Keep your expenses to a minimum and stick to free, well-known directories like Yahoo! Or DMOZ. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: