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The wine festival Jingdong and engage Tmall winery established genuine alliance Sohu Sohu technology science and technology news in August 30th, Tmall and Jingdong announced in the supermarket and liquor related news the same day. Tmall launched the first 9.9 Global Wine Festival, Ali CEO Zhang Yong said the wine festival is not a promotional event, not simply selling wine. The wine festival transit cats also can add some new elements, with Zhang Yong winery live video as an example, to allow users to experience the wine from production to consumption of the whole process. Zhang Yong said the idea of Tmall 9.9 global wine festival held in the last year, double 11 before and after the intention in the double on the basis of the breakdown of the category in the industry, which can create some new festivals in the 11. Tmall’s data analysis believes that globalization and youth has become the consensus of liquor brands, 20 year old + people in the field of wine consumption upgrade, the trend of daily attention to the brand. The supermarket and the Jingdong announced with Moutai, Wuliangye and other domestic and foreign brands set up Chinese drinks first "drinks authentic union", jointly combat the wine industry in the Internet online shopping of counterfeit and infringement, and signed a strategic agreement with international famous TWE wine group, Lafite, Bacardi, expand China drinks market. Jingdong supermarket drinks mining sales department general manager Wang Zhiqiang said, the Jingdong will vigorously support the domestic and foreign well-known wine brands force of e-commerce, and will vigorously support the brand licensing has regular wine circulation enterprises, hoping to create the 10 year sales of more than 1 billion line wine brand in 3 years. According to public data China Customs released, nearly three years, from France, Australia and the import amount of intelligence Wine continued to rise, at the same time, China imported Wine consumer online buying habits are gradually deepened. With the structural adjustment of domestic wine consumption, reduced demand for public services, personal and business consumption began to occupy the dominant position in the beverage market. Although the National Bureau of statistics released wine production growth data, in 2014 the first negative growth in China’s beverage production, but the scale of the online platform for liquor sales and liquor consumption passenger price has increased year by year. At present, Wine liquor is two and the main line of liquor sales category, followed by beer and wine. At the same time shows Ali big data, first-tier cities from non users to import food orders proportion is increasing year by year, from 2013 to 2015, Tmall wine user scale growth of nearly 5 times, non first-tier cities imported wine 4 times increase in the number of online purchase. Wine online consumer shows a younger trend, the rapid growth of consumer online beer 23-28 years, 18-28 years old young people increased significantly in the purchase of Wine, liquor and the main crowd Yellow Wine although older, but the market share has also been squeezed youth. (Cloud)相关的主题文章: