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Parenting Have you been trying to locate a packaged princess dress up trunk for your little daughter or granddaughter? Well stop looking now. Very few of them are available on the market and those that do, typically include only very low quality pieces that will be demolished into threads by your little princess in just a short amount of play. No need to worry. There are high quality princess play dress up items out there. All you need to do is spend just a few minutes on the internet and you will be able to build a fabulous (and unique) assortment of princess dress up clothes and accessories that will keep your little princess busy for a very long time. So what items should you choose for your princess dress up trunk? The most important items of any dress up trunk will obviously be the dresses. Picking the most appropriate dresses for your princess dress up trunk could very well be a daunting task. We recommend keeping a few ideas in mind. In most instances Halloween costumes do not make great dress up clothes. Typically, they are cheaply made, scratchy when worn, and fall apart in the washer when cleaned. When selecting princess dresses for your little girl, try to choose dresses made specifically for playing dress up. These are machine washable dresses with soft and non-itchy fabrics that are made to withstand the wear and tear of daily dress up. Dresses that are easy for little children to dress themselves are also a great idea. I have two little girls and their favored dresses are typically simple dresses that are easy for them to change in and out of themselves. Keep an open mind because your favorite dresses will probably not be their favorite dresses. The smallest girls are more apt to choose Disney characters like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. While many of the older girls (ages 5 and up) are more apt to choose the non-licensed princess dresses. Tutus and leotards make great dress up trunk pieces because you get a great bang for your buck. We suggest selecting a couple tutus in different colors and you typically dont have to spend more than $15 for a quality tutu and $20 for a fabulous one. If you choose to add one leotard, make sure that the tutus you select will match the leotard nicely. Little girls when playing dress up will only wear an ensemble for a brief period of time, so if your trunk has a great selection of tutus, your little girl can easily change her attire by just pulling the tutus on and off with little effort. Tiaras, crowns and cone hats are a must have for every princess dress up trunk. As the mother of two little girls, I highly recommend choosing a tiara made from something other than hard plastic. Tiaras made from hard plastic are short lived since little feet are always dancing and are thus prone to stepping on tiaras and breaking them. Try choosing a tiara with beautiful jewels and puffy marabou that isnt made from hard plastic. Or another great option is simple headband with a sequined crown attached. A princess cone hat for about $10 transforms an everyday princess into a regal renaissance princess. A white dress up veil for about $6 transforms your princess into a princess bride, which is always tons of fun. In my opinion, silk streamer wands are the best imaginary play wands on the market. These are great for imaginative play and they are by far my daughters’ favorite play toy. Other unique princess wand options to consider are light up wands or those that make music when waved. Other items to think about adding when amassing a princess dress up trunk are princess capes, wings, boas, long string of pearls, gloves, feather fans and dress up shoes. Slides (or any shoe without a back) are the best form of dress up shoes for children since sizing isnt as important and they are very easy to put on and remove. A pair of wings transforms your princess into a fairy princess and a cape is just plain fun swooping around throughout the house. Now that you’ve chosen all of your princess dresses and accessories, how should you store your items when not in use? Regrettably there are no great choices as far as empty cardboard dress up trunks on the market. A very large pink plastic tote with a lid is a nice option that keeps all the dress up items in one neat and orderly location. If you want to spend a little more money, you can select a great wooden toy chest with a hinged top, which makes a great dress up trunk that is built to last. It also is a lovely show piece for your little princess’s room. Every little girl needs a princess dress up trunk. Dress up stimulates creativity and imaginary play, which seems to be lost in todays society with all of our electronic gadgets and television on 24/7. Choosing a fabulous array of dress up items will provide your little princess with hours of play time fun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: