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Dental-Care The quest for having a whiter teeth is being joined by an increasing number of people as the society looks on to whiter teeth as a more attractive feature. Getting whiter teeth was considered as an expensive and time-consuming process in the past, available only through regular and numerous trips to the dentist. However, now there are a lot of measures that you can adapt for whitening teeth at home.Some measures are more effective than others, and some are ease to use and convenient. Lets go through three of the most .monly used measures for whitening teeth at home and see what they have got to offer. 1 Tray Bleaching Being the oldest method in the list, tray bleaching is a rather inconvenient yet highly effective method when it .es to whitening teeth at home. While trips to thedentists were required earlier, now it has be.e a methodthat can be performed in the .fort of your home. You need to take a mold of your teeth, fill it using a special bleach and wear it for not more than 2 hours in a single day. The desired results will be visible somewhere around 8 weeks after this and you will need to repeat the process once in a month or two in order to maintain the results. The Pros: Highly effective, provides an even and thorough bleach. The Cons: Time consuming, inconvenient, expensive and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 2 Whitening Strips This is a rather new method for whitening teeth at home and is as simple as it actually sounds. The expense and ease of use are what werekept in mind while designing these strips. A whitening strip is coated with a simple whitening agent that has to be placed on your teeth for no more than an hour every day, and then is discarded after each use. As the desired results .e closer, the frequency of the application is also decreased. You can easily get whitening strips as an OTC remedy at almost every pharmacy. The Pros: Cheap (somewhere around $30 for a fortnight kit) and highly convenient. The Cons: Not very effective with the strips covering just the flat surface of the teeth; thus taking relatively longer periods to be effective. 3 Whitening pens This is by far the newest innovation in whitening teeth at home and is as simple as it sounds. These pens require you to do nothing more than painting your teeth through an applicator similar to a brush, and rinsing it after a few minutes. To get the maximum benefits, you should use a whitening pen only after brushing or flossing your teeth. You can even get free trials of whitening pens to see how well these pens work for you. The Pros: Effective, can be done on specific areas and convenient. The Cons: Still expensive in .parison to thewhitening strips. Thus, this simple roundup of the best measures for whitening teeth at home should be enough to tell you that you can do it yourself, and save quite a bit of money and time while following these procedures! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: