Trade Show Display Buying Guide-christie stevens

Products alone will not spell the success of your trade show exhibit. If marketed improperly, even the best of products will not be able to obtain maximum sales. Before we start buying trade show displays and tools, make sure you know everything about the trade show. If theyre using a particular theme, make sure your display will be designed accordingly. If the trade show hall has a particular motif, make sure your display would be enhanced by the surrounding colors, instead of clashing horribly. 1. What are your objectives and what is your budget? What do you want to accomplish? How can the trade show display help you accomplish your objectives? How much budget do you have for your display? Determining your objectives and budgets will help prevent you from spending more than you should. 2. Booth styles Popular PopUps Pop-ups are the most commonly used trade show displays. There are many advantages to enjoy when you make use of pop-ups: First, theyre affordable; that makes them a good choice for small to medium-sized companies who dont have extensive budgets set aside for trade show exhibits; Secondly, theyre very easy to set-up; you dont need to hire a crew of specialists, technicians or artists to manage your trade show display; Thirdly, theyre available in a wide variety of designs, fabrics and colors; your creativity will shine more brightly when you make use of pop-ups. Fourthly, theyre both durable and require limited space. Simple but Beautiful Panels Panel displays are ideal if the products youre exhibiting are heavier than usual; with the right choice of quality and countertop design, panel displays will bring more elegance to your trade show. Panel displays are more suited for shows that exhibit computers and other expensive electronic gadgets and appliances. 3. HighEnd Modular Exhibits If you want a trade show that shows more oomph without causing you to go over your budget, youll do probably well with modular exhibits. Such trade show displays commonly make use of expensive materials and are also able to bear the weight of heavy products and merchandise. 4. Be Bold with Truss Displays If you want your trade show display to immediately catch the attention of people, you should make use of a truss system for your exhibit. Truss systems also make it easier for you to mount lighting and other equipment to obtain the intended tone and atmosphere for your booth. Because of the easy mounting and installation of lights and LCDS, they can create great visual impact, and that will work definitely to your advantage if your clients are expecting to be dazzled. 5. Personalize It There is no limit when it comes to customized trade show displays. Anything that your creativity and imagination can produce will be made real, but be prepared for sky-high expenses. Customized trade show displays are the best option for large companies who can afford to pay for them. They may be necessary, however, for companies that are exhibiting larger than usual merchandise like engines, motors, and vehicles of all types. 6. Display without a Frame Frameless trade show displays are actually a type of panel display; this time, a bendable plastic panel is used to create a stand-alone structure. Any experienced individual will be able to set up a frameless trade show alone because it only makes use of lightweight materials and the installation process is generally easy. Frameless trade show displays work well with paintings and any lightweight object that can be hung; they do not work at all for heavy merchandise or anything that must be displayed. 7. Pipe It and Drape It Lastly, we get to the trickiest of the batch. Pipe and drape trade show displays are a bit complex to set up. Fabric drapes are clipped onto pipes with this type of trade show display. They do however serve as very great backdrops and can produce startling visual effects, given the right color, fabric and design. 相关的主题文章: