Tvs Star

Travel-and-Leisure TVS is an active automobile manufacturer, taking part in both racing as well as producing quality and affordable two wheelers for us. Started in 1911, the Hosur and Chennai based .pany is also manufacturing tyres, cables and auto .ponents, to name a few. TVS Star was the successor of Victor and later came with upgraded variants as Star City during 2005 and Star Sports. Although, the design cues are .mon in all Star motorcycles, the cosmetic make ups came with no change in the price of the bike, which was wel.ed by many people and TVS also celebrated its happy 1 lakh TVS Star Customers. What does the Star City contains in it? Well know it here. TVS star has a stylish front cowl with curvy edges and large multi reflector headlamp, with orange winkers as its ears. The speedometer can be easily seen by the rider due its over inclined positioning. It contains two dials, the speedometer on the left and the standard TVS econometer and the regular tell tale lamps. The buttons and switches on the left arm are adequately larger than the .petitior bikes. It contains the switches for headlamp on/off, high/low beam, horn button and choke lever. A pass light switch is an added advantage. On the right arm of the handle, only the electric start switch is found. There are no handle weights and no digital console for instruments. The tank is more like a pot shaped thing, that bears a rectangular fuel filler lid. The engine has all silver skins which also extends to the chain cover. The exhaust is all black and also has a heat shield on it below the pillions foot rest region. The saddle is wide, ending with a neatly laid out grab rail. The CVTi fonts decorates the pain skin bordering the tail lamp. The Star’s rear cowl finishing is smooth and the mudguard is also nicer. The graphics that the tank and the battery covers bear is not a random pattern as it appears during the first look. It contains the horse head galloping against a wind. The pattern cotinues like sea waves along the sides and merges sharply with the rear of Star City. New elements like 5 spoke silver alloys, body color rim stickers and attractive three colors, (black with blue stripes, red and purple) bring in latest trends to this .muter bike. The engine of TVS Star is a 109.7 cc, air cooled, 4 stroke mill that produces 6.1 kW @ 7500 rpm of maximum power and 8.1 Nm @ 5000 rpm. The CVTi engine .bines swirl and tumble motion to achieve a very high in-cylinder charge leading to improved .bustion and hence higher fuel efficiency. TVS describes CVTi engine principles as roller cam follower coated piston for friction reduction, swirl and tumble induction, high energy ignition, projected spark plug and optimised ignition timing which facilitate superior .bustion and finally the fuel economiser for wastage reduction. The engine will return an above 73 kmpl mileage and a top speed of 97 kmph. On first thought, the bike isnt any way connected with the dull looking TVS Star. On hoping on the bike, pushing the stand and thumbing the engines start button, I felt a smoother engine tune, definitely showing its refinement across the ages and absolutely ahead of the TVS Victor. The all 4 up shifting pattern is simple to use and there is no problem with clutch action too. The pickup is well sorted out and since the peak torque .es in 5000 rpm itself, enough pick up can be expected even with the top gear at a lower speed avoiding the engines knock down. Unlike other bikes in this segment, Star has good suspension at the front and at the back, swallowing as much jerks and bad roads as possible. Straight line stability is good and the handlebar positioning gives a relaxed riding feel. As with cornering, TVS Star inspires confidence in the riders mind, for it has uniformly distributed weight and firm steering. While the marketing executives are the preferred owners of mileage giving .muter bikes like TVS star Mileage , they need their to behave smartly in cut through traffic rides. And this motorcycle does a fine job in handling aspects too. Suspension is velvety and the inclusion of adjustable rear shocks with two preload settings for solo and pillion rider, is another advantage in Star. With pillion on board, the ride quality is not hindered and at night, the wider light thrown by Star’s multi-reflector headlamp, is adequate for quicker road views. Not everyone could afford a 150 cc motorbike and with the increase in fuel prices, better to go with the mind than the heart in selecting a 100-110 cc motorbike rather than power monsters, if you cannot afford much money for fuel bills. Also, for marketing guys who are mostly travelling and also the Pizza delivery boys also have been the customers of Star with its trendy styling and good ride quality. With an attractive price tag below the 40 k, and up market feel giving looks, better mileage and smooth suspension, TVS Star, now with a 5 year warranty, is one of the best among the 110 cc line up. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: