University Presidents have the responsibility to advocate the values of Universities candle june

The university president has the responsibility to advocate the university values of six students of Chinese University Hong Kong on the night of September 22nd, in the campus "million Avenue near the science museum on the ground to play mahjong, which patrol through the security guard asked to record their data. This event also alerted the president of Chinese University Hong Kong Shen Zuyao. Recently, Shen Zuyao wrote "rights and respect" specifically talked about the matter on the Internet, it is not right to use that to discuss the rules or the public space, but the sense of responsibility and respect, and Reflection on College Students’ identity. He questioned whether there is less study six attitude of decency ", and asked" face in the motto of "Bowen John Lee", we have too much to handle?" In fact, chenjiaochang talk is not deep, this is the rule of law and the spirit of the university. A university, to the law school, the school to maintain order, but the law is the bottom line running, as the university education and the academic community have higher moral and spiritual requirements, otherwise it is difficult to play the University, do the social leading social lighthouse role. In the public space of campus, playing mahjong entertainment, not gambling, but of course, this behavior is not legitimate, legal issues, the provisions of the use of the public space of University, and set the basic cognition of the university community based, playing mahjong, not in the public area of campus do not accord with the identity of students what this is customary, into the campus of the University of "integrity", if these are need to be incorporated into the school regulations, spiritual and moral of the university is what kind of standard, can be imagined. I am more interested in the active involvement and response of the head of the school. In fact, the president of a university, there is an important responsibility is to maintain the spirit of the University and the value of the spirit of the University and the value of the event, the principal is a very important attitude. For a university, 6 students in the school of public space at night playing mahjong, seemingly trivial, but the essence is related to the basic value of the concept of school events — are not handled properly, will affect the school’s overall value identity. On the value identity of the University, University and college students is to some degree of identity, as a member of the University, to accept the basic values, of course, this value is the value of education, by the school formed in the long running process of the concept and academic values, not a personal value of administrative leadership view. In my opinion, the president of the university should have the courage to voice the controversial issues and advocate the values of the university. Li Peigen, former president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, has done a good job in guiding college students to form a university values, and many of his speeches have been sought after by students. Then, there are some university presidents and the school commencement speech, speak to the students of the university spirit, social responsibility, but the overall feeling is suit to imitate, lack of pertinence, conformity. For university presidents, for the specific affairs of the school, talk about the spirit and value of the school, students will be more recognition. This requires that university presidents are good at expressing their views on hot issues and controversial issues in schools. For example, the phenomenon of students skipping class in University, I recently saw a media published a vocational school leaders to escape.相关的主题文章: