Vanke delay sent to shareholders parties have not reached consensus on restructuring circular deep t shishangqiyi

Vanke delay sent to shareholders parties have not reached consensus on restructuring circular deep tiean stagnation sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Wang Qian Sina, sina finance financial news news September 29th, Vanke H shares announcement today, will be delayed to send the circular shareholders to issue shares to acquire deep group Qianhai international 100% equity matters. This circular is scheduled on or before September 30th this year to send, now or before November 15th. For the restructuring case, Vanke Group today, said sina finance, Vanke is still in the promotion of the parties to reach a consensus. Vanke H shares today’s announcement shows that the valuation report further details, the circular records reorganization case acquisition agreement and the transactions of the Qianhai international financial information, Qianhai international property and the shareholders’ meeting notices, circulars originally planned before September 30th to shareholders, "but is due to the need for more time to prepare and implement a number of data will be written into the circular the circular despatch date is expected to be delayed until November 15th or before." In June 17th this year, Vanke announced that intends to buy the Shenzhen Metro Qianhai International Group holds 100% stake in the shares issued by way of preliminary, transaction costs 45 billion 613 million yuan, the issue price of the shares for 15.88 yuan per share. If the transaction is completed, deep Vanke will be the first major shareholders, shareholding ratio is 20.65%. This was the first major reorganization case Vanke existing shares of Dongbao can strongly opposed lines and the second largest shareholder of Huarun group, the Boland department and Huarun holdings is relatively high, so outside of it can eventually implement the pessimistic attitude. From the process point of view, the reorganization of the board of directors still need to consider the second meeting and the general meeting of shareholders to vote, but the board of directors of the board of directors of the second timetable has not yet. In addition, the recent acquisition of China Hengda Affiliated Companies through its acquisition of about 753 million A shares in the market, among the top five shareholders of Vanke, making the situation more complicated. At present, Vanke top five shareholders Boland Department shareholding ratio is 25%, Huarun shareholding ratio is 15.24%, 6.82% and 6.18% Ampang Hengda, Vanke management stock ownership plan Guoxin Jinpeng grading No. 1 4.14%, Vanke shares related party center and Germany won the 1st 2.98% stake. For the current progress of the restructuring of the case, Vanke Group today replied Sina Finance said, the company is to promote the parties to reach a consensus". Held in August 22nd this year, Vanke interim results conference, Vanke secretaries Zhu Xu said, "so far, the issuance of shares to buy assets Vanke deep plans also did not reach consensus on shareholders, we regret. But there is a good foundation for communication among shareholders. The company still believes that the track + property model is crucial to the company. Therefore, the company for a period of time, has been in consultation with the relevant parties to communicate, hoping to reach a consensus and solutions. Hope that all shareholders can finally come together for the stability and long-term healthy development of vanke." Shen tie Group Chairman Lin Maode in September 8th this year publicly revealed that a group of listed companies and for shares of the existing agreement on gambling, listed on the相关的主题文章: