Medicine Vitamins are nutrients that the body requires. It only takes a small amount for the body to take the nutrients and begin to work normally. When it .es to vitamins, you will find that many do not include fatty acids or amino acids; however, they are needed for the body to function on a daily basis. They also do not include non-essential nutrients, but are still needed for the body to promote good health. Vitamins are substances that will have chemical reactions in the body. Some will help you to have good vision, some will make your bones stronger, and some will keep your body in general good health. Vitamins really did not .e out until the twentieth century. They are new to the market and in America, are not regulated by the FDA. When it .es to vitamins you can either take them by supplement or by eating certain foods. When it .es to supplements, the FDA does not regulate what goes into them or how they are sold. Some vitamins can be harmful to your heath. Again, they are good because of a chemical reaction they have, however, they can mix with certain medications and cause harmful chemical reactions that may be serious to your life’s well being. Although the body can store some of the vitamins for a short period, if you have a short period of deficiency, you may not even notice a change. However, if you have a long-term deficiency of some vitamins, you can have harmful side effects and you may even die from it. To promote good health you should follow the food pyramid for your diet, exercise everyday, and take a multi-supplement. When it .es to keeping up with your heath, it can be hard. The older you get, the more supplements that you take; you could actually be doing harm for yourself. Instead of taking all the supplements, if you take a multi-vitamin a day, you should be able to keep up with your body needs. Always ask your doctor about supplements before you begin to take them. There are certain supplements that cannot be taken if you have certain medical conditions or if you are currently on certain medication. When you mix certain supplements with medications you may end up having serious injuries and including death. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: