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Travel-and-Leisure So you are travelling to the city of Odessa in Ukraine, and looking forward to a lively time with your friends. What do you do? Book an expensive suite or a fleet of hotel rooms? Well, definitely not; why not rent a flat in Odessa. Renting your very own flat is far more relaxed and casual and so much more spacious. Booking hotel rooms for a big bunch of friends can not only be frustratingly expensive but formal as well. If you are on vacation why not live it up! Odessa a picturesque city along the Black Sea has plenty to offer young travelers. If you arent the museum, cultural landmarks and architectural gem exploring type, theres still a ton of stuff to do here. The city boasts of plenty of stunning white sand beaches and shore-side activities to keep you blissfully occupied. In fact the most popular Arcadia Beach is just about 10-15 minutes from the city center by taxi. Since it is such a visitor friendly destination, Odessa also offers its locals and tourists loads of options in cafes, bars and restaurants, making night-life here vibrant and busy. These are probably a couple of the reasons you have decided to visit in the first place! Renting a flat in Odessa will give you the freedom to come and go as you please. If a few people in the group rather chill at home, they can put their feet up in their own private space while the rest party it up. Besides having your own place also means you can keep a well-stocked bar and kitchen to carry on the after party whenever you choose. With a hotel you will sorely lack the privacy and space you need for a large group to feel at home and also for people to give each other some space and alone-time. Some apartment complexes even come with guest saunas, perfect for relaxing in after a night on the town. Another advantage is that many rental companies in Odessa offer apartments or flats with free Wi-Fi and internet access, sometimes they even are fitted with computers; making it easy to research and read up on all the places you would like to visit and plan your days and nights. If you decide to rent a flat in Odessa you wont have services like room service but pretty much everything else you require for group or single and double occupancy. You can even have the rental company arrange for airport transfers for you, a perk some offer. And of course, the biggest factor that may help you make your decision is the money you will save, leaving you with plenty extra to spend on other fun activities! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: