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Watch as the repair of the table maintenance about shady signature: no one see a repair, became a heaven knows. (source: watch family, author: superb) in the preface I cited Beijing Tongrentang only if it represents an individual business to be honest. This article continues the I, as a practitioner, reveal some watch repair industry in the dark, but also hope that we watch in the days after the maintenance process less detours. Choose the brand after sale of the three questions? When you buy the brand watches, to choose the brand of customer service to the normal maintenance of watches, this is my recommendation. The simple reason that their children raise their own, to watch some maintenance spare parts supply, some oil oil way is formal and professional, no doubt. However, there are 3 major brand sales problems, the first is the construction period is too long, it may be necessary to maintain the living too much, it may be a part of the cycle is too long, resulting in. Normally a month or a month and a half to get your watch, sometimes even longer. The second is the high cost of maintenance, usually brand prices are more expensive, the price of a few thousand dollars for Tissot as an example, full service does not include grinding, washing oil is maintenance fee is 900 yuan, equivalent to a value of 1/5 tissot. Some of the more advanced brands, maintenance of a few thousand dollars is not a new thing. There are third not the maintenance, we often listen to the sales, the brand is also home to IWS, is Beijing, Shanghai set up two largest city, several other areas of the city. Many customers need to entrust to the dealer sent back near the city maintenance cycle will be longer, some simply connected dealers are not only customers pay for their own running repair expenses. Brand official after-sales service center of these three problems is the objective existence, in many cases, the customer will be due to these troubles, choose some local repair table shop, which also provides some small table store vitality. This is a good thing, watch as a traditional industry, the existence of inheritance relationship, careful repair a watch, some local practitioners also very attentively, I won’t deny your hard work to learn the technology, and small business conscience. Provide inexpensive and fast service, is the advantage of these small table stores. But some people, technology is not good to learn, learn magic, relying on deceptive to make money. Watch for battery scam earlier I mentioned, buried a foreshadowing about things to change the battery. This is a true story, maybe this thing often happens in your side. A few days ago, a friend came to my shop. Beijing said some places, into a number of fake batteries. The customer brought a nice watch. They asked for a high price. The customer should be replaced with a genuine original battery, but they put the customer’s watch into a fake battery also promised to go 2 years, there are problems can come. Fake battery is not enough to go to 2 years, or even less than half a year will not go, the customer will certainly find them, this time, they say there is a problem with the movement. May be dirty, need to wash oil, or a circuit board is bad, need to change. Is going to have a sum of money, that is.相关的主题文章: