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Movies-TV Satellite TV airs a number of programs for teenage audience. Teenage satellite TV flicks like Gossip Girl has a huge fan following among TV viewers. Teen is that period of life where one can explore and learn from life. Teenagers have so many questions on their minds, which they hardly can discuss with their parents. Teenagers also love to enjoy a carefree life by going out with friends, partying, shopping, visiting cafes and discotheque. Keeping in view the life of teenagers various issues are portrayed on the different DISH Network shows. While counting the positive aspects of the show it may also be summed up that some shows can misguide a teenager. DISH Network channels feature some of the coolest teenage programs, which are loved by children of all age groups. Some of these mind boggling DISH HD shows are The Secret Life of American Teenager, Pretty Little Liars, Family Guy, Degrassi, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101 etc. More to your pleasure, with DISH Network, you can now enjoy DISH HD free for life. So if you are a parent then how do you decide which show is appropriate for your teenage kids? TV ratings can help you out in this matter, but you should sometimes check these DISH Network programs for teens. Here you can find a handy guide that gives you a small gist of the television shows meant for teenagers in the age group of 13 to 18 years. It outlines the character, plot and the controversial issues taking place in these shows. It also provides a TV rating through which you can decide whether the content is appropriate for your child or not. Degrassi: The Next Generation This is teenage television show centers around high school students that attend Degrassi High School. This show has a huge cast of characters and is culturally diverse. This satellite TV show definitely helps teenagers to accept different backgrounds and races. It also deals with controversial issues like drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, reckless behavior in school and alcohol consumption. Even though these issues may not be appropriate but the show illustrates how teens can get into these problems, which resembles true to life. This is a worth watching DISH HD show. Beyond the Break This satellite TV show revolves around the lives of four female surfers; Kai, Birdie, Dawn and Lacey. All these girls have been sponsored by a Company named Wave Sync and reside together in house in Hawaii. It is sun-drenched teenage drama with lots of romance revolving around the lives of four surfer girls under the supervision of their brother-like coach. This show also deals with some controversial topics like sexual relationship, drug abuse and alcohol but highlights the consequences under which teenagers can fall for these. This DISH Network show will be enjoyed by teenagers in the age group of 15-18. Pretty Little Liars This satellite TV show features on ABC channel. The story revolves around four girls who are haunted by a dirty secret, which is only known by the presumed to be dead girl. The entire show takes place in the quaint and silent town of Rosewood. So guys dont miss any of the episodes of this show as it unfolds some darkest secrets behind the past lives of these girls. Apart from all these, teenagers can also watch a number of different shows on several other DISH Network channels like Science Channel, The National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel and many more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: