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UnCategorized It be.es very important to know about web designer salary if you want to have a career in this field. At the end of the day, passion and aptitude are important but so is the salary. The problem however lies with the fact that the web designer salary depends on a variety of factors. In this article, we shall discuss some of the important factors on which a web designer salary depends. This will give you a better idea about the job and the challenges it entails. $35,000 to $65,000 is the basic salary range per year for most web designers. The two most important factors on which this salary range depends is experience and skill. Specific .puter skills such as PHP, SQL and HTML are basic requirements to start off your career as a web designer. You also need to be familiar with Macromedia Development Packages, Flash and Photoshop applications. Now there are two ways in which you can start your career. You can work for some .pany or you can be self employed. There are many reasons for and against both these options. But if you choose to work under someone, there is a degree of security of job and payment. All of this of course depends on the bad economic times of today. A web designer salary also depends on the location of your job. For instance, if your job is located in San Francisco or New York, naturally you get paid more. .pare this to working in a less developed area. Salary will be definitely low there. Therefore if you stay in a location that is not very developed, do not want to travel much but still want to earn well, it might be a better idea to go for the freelancing option. This will mean that you can depend on the internet for your projects and charge internationally standard rates for the job. In other words, being a freelancer has the advantage of being independent of geographical locations. As stated earlier, experience has the largest role in determining a web designer salary. If you have a degree in some related field, then that is an important deciding factor of your salary. Such a degree be.es more important if you are a new.er in the field. But undoubtedly, your work ability matters the most. If you can present your work successfully before a potential employer, then your chances of getting a job be.es high. Then it will not matter how much experience you have. After all, everyone has to begin at some point. But in the same way as it happens with other careers, to begin a career in web designing, you will have to start from the lower range of the salary. Though $35,000 is the lowest salary, it continues to rise and fall with the location and kind of .pany you work for. In the current economic situation, it has been seen that the highest salary is given by hospitals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: