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What is a horse’s hoof? Horseshoe feet are good or bad? Sohu and here said the "horseshoe", does not refer to the foot of animal horse, but especially in tea residue Pu’er Tea bottom lignified old stems, and popular is tea and tea stem binding sites. I believe that the vast majority of farmers do not know what is the horseshoe foot, is a stranger to farmers, and farmers like it is "the gander", is the farmers picking fast results, no product belongs to. A "horseshoe foot", on the quality of tea taste is not affected, but too much, will bring his fiber taste, most tea is not good taste, unless you love wood flavor, then another said. (figure for picking is not standardized and the horseshoe foot of fresh leaves) [why horseshoe foot? ] can make tea, tea is just issued soon leaves or buds, not grow and mature leaves, buds and leaves from the tea tree, generally there are two cases, one is directly from the hair out of the twig tea, the other is directly out of the the main stem of the tree (see photo) tea picking time, standard operation should be "abstract", straightforward point that is cut off point, tea, the tea buds and leaves from the branch end or pinch down main stem. If picking tea do not regulate the operation, or is the heart too quickly, want to pick more tea in a unit of time, so in the process of picking the deformation, picked a drag, drag, popular talk is uprooted, directly to the tea buds from stem on the pull down. At the same time also ripped off a small area of the stem bark, make tea leave a wound, like horseshoe shape. This is why the horseshoe foot appears, so it appears, is not the result of picking tea standard, is destructive to tea picking. (the figure pointing position is in a horseshoe shape horseshoe foot) [] to prevent the emergence of horseshoe foot because of buds in the stem of tea picking, when being uprooted generally appear, so horseshoe foot great chance, of course, this also pulled out of the bud is equivalent to the tea tree pruning, remove the bud head want the future will grow into branches, but farmers never thought so when harvested, just want to hurry is picking up into tea, sell. Pull out the tea buds and leaves, will leave a small wound in tea, tea will slowly healing in later years, the process of healing like warts form is the same, the emergence of a horseshoe foot, will leave a small tea tree tumor, normal growth a small wart does not affect the tea, but a large number of which will affect the growth of tea plants. Whether it is from the protection of the tea tree view, or in order to ensure that the final purpose of the quality of tea, should be strongly opposed to horseshoe foot appear in tea, which must regulate the farmers picking action, but allowing farmers to permit Posts picking tea, in the current Chinese is not possible, but does not represent the future after hundreds of years is unlikely. To strengthen the education of farmers, so that farmers understand the truth, it can avoid such destruction "相关的主题文章: