What is the mother to prepare for the National Day brock lesnar

What is the mother to prepare for the National Day? Quasi mummy travel, according to the scientific evidence can be found: pregnancy combined with static and dynamic, is the real science to raise children way. Tourism in the green mountains and rivers to breathe fresh air, enjoy, let pregnant women feel pleasant and relaxed; and the release of "happy mother" hormone baby passed through the placenta, let him get euphoria. So as long as there is no what special circumstances, belong to the scope of normal pregnant women, can travel at the appropriate time of pregnancy; but still need to consider all the circumstances, to avoid the risk, you can ensure that pregnant women have a happy and safe travel during pregnancy. The national day before – see the obstetrician plan before the trip, the best go to the hospital to see a doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, introduces the whole trip, in order to obtain the guidance of a doctor; remember to bring your ID card, pregnancy health care and medical insurance card, go out must be accompanied by her husband; in doing antenatal examination, if go out just as do pregnancy check, check in the local hospital, and should not come back later, so it is easy to understand the health situation. After returning home, go to the designated hospital for review and report the results of the previous inspection. The National Day Travel – the best time pregnant mothers travel, the best time for pregnancy in 4-6 months after the security for this period. This severe pregnancy reaction has been in the past, the fetus has been a foothold; and heavy and potbellied leg foot swelling does not occur in pregnant women, with the bearing capacity and pleasure to toil in some mood of tourism. But this does not mean that the early stages of pregnancy (pregnancy refers to 1-3 months) can not go out, and is compared to the mid, risk bigger, so if you are in how to early pregnancy, plan for the National Day travel, requires a more careful. Pregnant women’s National Day Travel – the best travel tours usually choose a popular scenic spots, so you simply do not have time to enjoy the scenery, which is contrary to the original intention of pregnant women, will feel tired. To avoid overheating of the tourist attractions, choose the less crowded tourist areas, such as natural scenic area, the resort is a good place to go to the seaside resort, you can also let the baby to sunbathe, achieve natural calcium; understanding of the climate and weather, do not go to mosquitoes, poor health or infectious disease with high incidence areas such as Thailand, to prevent infectious disease; if the condition is the best choice for "flying tourism" to ensure that there is sufficient time to rest. The national day of pregnant women – essential items loose underwear, comfortable shoes and socks, hat, girdle, pads, prenatal care manuals, health card, antenatal examination hospital, doctors usually need to contact, taking daily vitamin, on pregnancy safe anti diarrhea medicine, oral gastrointestinal drugs, bag of milk, no pregnant mammy the flight risk physician letters, or the number of weeks of pregnancy pregnant mother certificate, sunscreen, moisturizing lotion, panties, water health snacks clean towels and toiletries, personal ID card, passport or money wipes, wet towel. The National Day Travel – best dressed women wear convenient, loose sportswear with low heel shoes worthy of the best dress, such as sole slip, about 2cm shoes can also heel. Not only can reduce foot fatigue and edema, can also prevent falls. Such as tourism hot weather, a hat, sunscreen can not be less flexible; also used socks and other small.相关的主题文章: