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The question seems laughable at this point. "What do I say to girls?" As if there was a magical set of words, or a pattern of speech, that could make a woman like you. And yet, that’s the underlying belief isn’t it? Think about how you approach conversation with women. You are looking for the right words to say. But look closer…what’s missing? The "right words to say"…to get WHAT? Let’s finish the sentence: "I am looking for the right thing to say to get ____________" S – E – X! It all .es down to intercourse. Now this may sound obvious, but only because you’ve verbalized it to yourself. There are so many problems with this mindset, it’s tough to know where to begin, even as a professional trainer. It’s like asking a history teacher, "Tell me about history – start at the beginning." Most guys have it all wrong. They make their lives more difficult than it has to be! I should know. If I didn’t get a few lucky breaks early on, I’d still be hopeless. But one thing’s for sure – I’ve always been motivated enough to seek out information from everywhere I could. I’ve gotten my hands on virtually every psychology book ever written. I’m serious. And you know what? They’ve all helped. But if I only knew where to begin way back when I first started. I would’ve saved so much time. I can’t even imagine how tough it’d be for a guy with even less experience than me. I mean there were times when I thought "I’ll never get there." That’s part of why I do what I do. Because like I said, most guys get it wrong. WAY WRONG. If they only knew what it REALLY takes to be good at talking to women. Women aren’t really listening to WHAT you’re talking about. They are paying close attention to HOW you say it. The sad part is, when most of us guys were young, we’d talk about what we were interested in, but we’d be NERVOUS. And this made girls reject us. But we assumed it was WHAT we were saying, not HOW. This is the problem most guys have – they have misinterpreted the responses they get from women. For example, I know a guy who basically talks about all the women he’s slept with TO OTHER WOMEN. He doesn’t do it in a bragging way, but as if he were shooting the sh*t with the guys. That’s not ALL he talks about, but the effect is that women feel he is honest, sexual, and being himself. Not to mention the fact that they start imagining what it’d be like to be with him! But as he’s saying this, he is totally confident, and enjoying the story. Listen – there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be getting the women, and sexual adventures you deserve. But you MUST have your conversation-game in order. This starts with knowing where to place your focus. 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