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Arts-and-Entertainment "And what makes us so much better than anyone else?" "We’re not better. But we’re new. We can come at the universe fresh, apply our unique way of thinking, maybe hit on something nobody else ever thought of. "I’m not saying it’s a sure thing. But I know humans can contribute something important to the galaxy. links of london Jewellery Why not this? And how wiU we ever know unless we try?" "Well, you don’t start small, I’ll give you that." "How can you not be excited at the possibUity?" he continued, eyes gleaming. "I mean, you’re a Hub scout! A pioneer, braving unknown frontiers, seeking out strange new worids and new – " "If you spUt an infinitive, I’m leaving," she told him. Links of London Charms "You think this job is glamorous? Some big adventure you can tag along on? Let me tell you something. Space isn’t empty. Space is beyond empty. At least ’empty’ impUes there’s something there that can be filled. Space is nothing, with trace impurities. "Now, imagine jumping randomly into notiiing for a Uving. Imagine the odds of happening to materialize in range of one of those trace impurities, one that’s interesting enough that people might want to come to it. Disc charm Can you imagine that?" He thought it over, and she interrupted before he could speak. "I’ll give you the answer: You can’t. Whatever you’re imagining, it’s not even close. "Now, imagine knowing that if you do eventually find a Hubpoint that’s close to a star or planet, there’s no way to know you won’t emerge directly inside it and get an instant, nofuss burial or cremation thrown in free with your death. Not that I’m complaining; that undercurrent of mortal terror before every dive helped relieve the monotony for the first year or so." "And now?" Dome Jade Charm "Now it offers a ray of hope. " He stared. "That’s what being a Hub scout is, kid," she went on. "I don’t do it for the adventure. I do it because I’m a human, and that means I’m desperate. About the Author: Why not this? And how wiU we ever know unless we try?" "Well, y Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: