What money cheat put 18 people not only shantytowns – Sohu comments musiland

What money cheat "put" 18 people not only shantytowns – Sohu reviews some grassroots cadres and villagers in 3 years, taking the national land acquisition compensation of up to 20 million; a shantytowns project is down 18 staff involved in the village, community, street and relocation office…… Recently, Sichuan has dealt with a number of grassroots cadres taking cases of land acquisition compensation funds. Whether inflated land acquisition or demolition area processing block, false account information false number, if no staff assists, related villagers could not succeed. When the grassroots cadres and the street gang up defrauding the high compensation, the grassroots cadres undoubtedly betrayed their responsibilities — to make an inappropriate analogy, this is their goalkeeper, but not willing to defend, even deliberately kicked the ball into his own goal. Therefore, taking 20 million as compensation. It’s not surprising. On the face of it, the grassroots cadres are pulled down by the water, but from their greedy behavior, more like a drive in the interests of the deformity and the initiative. For example, a village in the village Party Secretary Yang Moumou together with the village of former deputy director Lu Moumou et al., assisted by the demolition of the post, making false claims data of falsifying demolition trees, bamboo floor appendages, taking compensation more than 30 yuan. So, without integrity, there is no white fishing fishing jiancaiqiyi, too. As in a shanty town renovation project, 18 staff members were arrested, is accidental? From the village to the community, do it from the street to do the demolition, the department involved so much, so many people fall, enough in some grass-roots, to defraud state property is not a department, a few people, but the more common. In other words, as long as the opportunity, they will never give up opportunities; as long as profitable, regardless of eating from the convergence. It is necessary to ask whether this phenomenon is exposed to institutional lesions? In general, the frequent fly greedy problem has two reasons. First, the lack of system. Specific to what happened in Sichuan a case taking compensation for land acquisition demolition, is reflected in this. For example, before the signing of the compensation agreement with the questionnaire, the questionnaire is temporarily maintained by the staff, tampering data is very easy. Insiders also said that the current land requisition demolition compensation policy is not perfect, confirmation of land ownership, Qingmiaohui or attachment inventory, determine the key link and compensation standard is blind, many problems such as vulnerability. It is not difficult to understand, once the regulatory system is missing, loopholes, the equivalent of a pen, to open the floodgates wide to wolves eat sheep. Two is the system idle. For the staff, lack of system does not mean they should be stately cheat compensation, after all, this is illegal. But they often succeed, because they have loopholes, the corresponding supervision system has failed. If in the process of land expropriation, to do project approval, procedures, standards, programs, to open one, the grassroots cadres to deliberately plan, probably would not be so easy. In fact, this kind of bad behavior, such as defrauding the state funds, not only in some places in Sichuan, the relevant personnel are not only cheated by the Sichuan相关的主题文章: