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When crude oil fell to the bottom? Weekly analysis of sina release fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! A recent period of time has been quite busy, articles are written, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday the last day of this week, the stock market has come to an end today, end time, Hong Jie gold hunting in this with you friends to share and summarize the investment outlook of the market this week, amidst the winds of change. Summary and analysis of the oil city this week: Monday (9.12) released the OPEC monthly report, expected 2016 global oil demand will rise by 1 million 230 thousand barrels to 94 million 270 thousand barrels a day, is expected in 2017 global oil demand will rise by 1 million 150 thousand barrels to 95 million 420 thousand barrels a day. After the publication of monthly beauty distributing prices were slightly higher after the fall. After soaring prices plummeted after the final recorded a large candle. Tuesday (9.13) the International Energy Agency (IEA) released pessimistic monthly, investors on the end of the month freeze talks is expected to greatly reduce production, while the United States that the increase of the total increase, drilling is led to the bad oil prices, making gold and silver crude oil fell, crude oil is from Tuesday price driven market to negative emotions all the way down, and there is fear of interval under oil prices next week. Wednesday (9.14) mixed the inventory report oil prices intraday trend shock after the accident, crude oil inventories fell, oil prices rebounded sharply, but then quickly taking all the gains and the dollar fell again fell, the downside is limited in oil prices. WTI crude oil futures hit a minimum of $43.44 barrel, Brent crude oil futures hit $45.72 barrel. According to Jie Jie these days to accept a single set of customers, on Wednesday in the EIA data before and after the release of the single set for the majority, here once again remind you not to gamble data market! Thursday (9.15) gasoline futures prices closed sharply rose more than 5[%], so as to boost crude oil futures price formation, promote the closed up, the end of the previous two consecutive trading days of decline. The main reason for the rise in gasoline prices is due to a major oil pipeline (ColonialPipelineLine1) continued to close. Friday (9.16) because the market worried that the United States will continue to increase the number of active drilling rig, as well as Libya and Nigeria, the resumption of oil exports will make the global oil supply surplus of the weekly ending date, one disaster after another, the United States that enhanced crude oil falling silver. Saturday (9.17) Beijing time 01:00 released in the United States to September 16th, when the total number of oil drilling for the mouth of the week, a record high of 7 months, while the expected value of the mouth of the mouth of 414. After the data release, the distributing is first slightly higher, then fell back. Summary of the market this week, from the major news this week because of supply concerns and anxiety inventory, prices fell significantly, while Beck Hughes said the United States when the oil drilling increases the total number of 2 weeks to 416, the more bearish market; even the total oil drilling has recorded 12 consecutive weeks of growth相关的主题文章: