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When the electric in artificial intelligence   old drivers need to study the new route — home — people.com.cn original title: when the electric in artificial intelligence old drivers need to study a new route to a meeting, a start-up company evolved, artificial intelligence certainly looks very lively, but the non professional "eat melon masses", seems very difficult to what the relationship between artificial intelligence and myself, but the opportunity now — if the home appliances can "understand you", so artificial intelligence has come to you. AlphaGo and Li Shishi played five games, from March to the present. Now, we already know, in addition to playing chess, artificial intelligence can serve as a customer service, can do translation, but also to play the prophecy emperor. For non professional eat melon masses, artificial intelligence does look very lively. A related meeting, related startups have a family to take hold. However, it seems difficult to artificial intelligence and their relationship. August 20th, CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and Chinese electronic newspaper hosted a roundtable forum, trying to talk about a problem — how to artificial intelligence into the wisdom of family. After all, in the daily application of such a scene in the family, the smart and the needs of the people is getting closer, and people’s recognition of intelligence, but also continue to promote the concept of landing. It sounds reasonable, but how can we do? Don’t get smart appliances, the theory is not the integration of the remote control, and should be natural dialogue interaction, can understand what you want to deputy general manager of Changhong Technology Exhibition Center is the Northwestern University reading Huayi artificial intelligence direction, he has been in the Changhong smart home appliances. Before the advent of artificial intelligence, the industry’s understanding of the wisdom of the family, in fact, intelligent + internet". Here’s smart, refers to the smart phone, smart". Home appliance manufacturers are keen to do APP, can use cell phones to control, to increase the number of electrical technology fan. In addition, manufacturers like to do connection, a small part of the standard can be compatible with the electrical connection. As for what can be done together, we are not very clear." What is missing? Missing from the connection to the synergy". The so-called smart home, where the brain? How can the isolated sensors and actuators cooperate to serve people? Intelligent life is not equal to networking appliances. With the ability to think independently of the Internet of things, is the user needs. Huayi show that the wisdom of life, to understand you "service you" home appliances. How to "understand"? It must be able to "feel"". Moreover, this perception should be everywhere, the realization of "hearing" "touch" and "vision" of the overall perception. After perception, it can analyze, reason and make decisions, so as to continue to serve you". Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy of Wheatgrass project director Xu Yuanchun simply describes such a picture: you sweat into the home, smart home system to determine "you are very hot". As a result, the air conditioning to open, the sound of the first release of soothing music, drinking fountains for you to prepare a)相关的主题文章: