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Why Chinese love ring? The small one is how to use contraceptive spermicidal? Sohu in the thirty-seventh period "mother kangaroo cartoon" parenting, kangaroo hemp to introduce the principle of the pill. We say the folk saying: "contraception: foreigners love medicine, Chinese love ring". In the United States, the contraceptive use rate of 80%, while in China, most people think it is very troublesome to eat contraceptives, and fear of what the impact on the body. So today, to introduce the widely adopted Chinese contraceptive measures: Kangaroo hemp ring. We actually called Sheung Wan, intrauterine device, a contraceptive device placed in the uterine cavity, due to the early use of multi ring, so we often call the contraceptive ring or ring. So now the IUD in various shapes, shape, T shape, V shape palace…… At present, the use of more is based on the shape of the uterine cavity into the shape of the palace. We also have all kinds of material, stainless steel, plastic, silicone rubber…… An inert contraceptive device that does not contain a drug, plus a progestin or copper called an active contraceptive device. At present, the most widely used is the intrauterine device with copper, but also to focus on the following. So then, this small device in the end is how to contraception? In said before we take contraception, to give pregnant women: the ovaries to produce eggs, the male sperm from the vagina into the female body, eggs and sperm in the oviduct ampulla fertilized eggs, and then is discharged to the womb implantation growth. So while the IUD is blocking any one of these steps. After the contraceptive ring was put into the uterine cavity of the female, the copper was released under the dissolution of uterine cavity fluid. We can weaken the fertilization ability of sperm copper ion. You or the interference has been combined with the implantation of the fertilized egg. We have IUD containing progesterone, can prevent ovulation. We will change the cervical mucus properties of progesterone, is not conducive to sperm penetration. So some people worry that the IUD placed in the womb, a long time, not long into the womb? The answer is yes, but it is rare. Why? Because birth control devices are placed in the uterus, not attached to the wall of the uterus. Endometrial every month to take off, bleeding, discharge and regeneration of the cyclical changes, so that the contraceptive device will not be fixed in the endometrium, but not long in the myometrium. We long to IUD muscles, in medicine called "IUD incarcerated" occurs in postmenopausal women not to ring out. Because after menopause, estrogen and progesterone in vivo decreased uterine atrophy, but the IUD does not become smaller, it is possible to set the palace wall. Come so, in postmenopausal women within one year must remember should remove the IUD ~ to prevent uterine atrophy and not removed. In addition, different birth control devices according to the material and copper content is different, "service" time is different, there are 5 years相关的主题文章: