Why encourage you to play with your baby Sohu – ca1835

Why encourage you to play with your baby? You have heard of the old age of the Sohu, the seaside sunrise is very frightening, and you go to the beach to see one another, to give you the impression and memory will be very obvious difference. In fact, the role played in the child’s meaning is so oh. Listen to the story than simple interactive story, role play can be brought into the story within the story from the baby, the baby become a character of the story, you experience, feel a, like growth in different scenarios of exercise, is a way to enrich the child feelings and to improve the understanding of the rare. So, what do you want to play with the baby? In fact, a lot of books is to play the best role playing! The picture book is suitable to determine the role, can see it have three elements "situation clear, appear more than 2 story characters, rich dialogue." "The most wonderful egg" a long time ago, there are three hens are considered to be the most beautiful hen. So they decided to ask the king. The king said, "what you will do is more important than you!" The three day war said their most beautiful hen eggs, a wonderful game, with their birth to the most wonderful egg. Later, the three hens become good friends, continue to live happily in the world’s most special egg. "You may not be the most beautiful one, not the strongest one, but you can be the most special." The essence of the story are reflected in the plot and dialogue among the rich. The "crocodile dentist" when the baby does not love brushing conflict when brushing can try this book oh. The "crocodile dentist" is an interesting picture about parenting, is between a crocodile and the dentist’s psychological contest. Crocodile uncle long decay, do not want to see the dentist Pateng; dentist to know the crocodile, also very scared, but he is a dentist…… this is a happy somewhat ironic drama story, baby to do a practical life education. Perhaps, the next morning, consciously brush teeth up baby. "A garden of vegetables into a spirit of" green radish king, red radish called lotus next empress, anxious eyes, and the garden is divided into two camps. Start up the battle, the two armies confront each other, shallot on eggplant, leek on cucumber, they will start to fight? This is a book for the whole family to play the role of the picture! Very lively and rich story, the show is also very interesting, the meaning of vegetables, the story will be a very fresh baby, subversive understanding oh! "Runaway Bunny" rabbit said to his mother: "I am running away! "If you run away," said the mother, "I will go after you, for you are my baby! "A love begins to play hide and seek…… This chase love game, you can play anywhere and baby together oh! "David can not" almost every child is listening to the parents to say "no" to grow up, just like the picture book David mother. However, the "no" listen more, the child will naturally have a sense of powerlessness, become insecure, or rebellious. So, this.相关的主题文章: