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Pets Excessive barking can be caused for several reasons. Remember that it is your dog’s method of communication and natural for him to bark. Check to see, if all of your pet’s needs are being met. Does he get enough food and water each day? Enough attention? He could be barking so much because of flea and tick problems. It could be skin allergies. You may need to take him to the vet. Your dog may be bored. Does he have a lot of energy. A high energy dog needs more exercise and play time with you. Maybe he needs to go to the park and be around other dogs. He can be stressed out because he is lonely, without other dog companionship and not having enough time socializing with you. Dogs need physical and mental stimulation; some more than others. If you scream and are gruff with you dog, when he is trying to tell you something, you’ll damage him emotionally and make him confused. Is he alone a lot and without other dogs or toys? If he is younger than 3 years, the barking may be because he is so energetic and really needs more socialization, playtime, and walks. If he is a breed of dog that usually works, such as sporting and herding dogs, he is a high energy animal and needs something to do. These are some things to do to mentally and physically stimulate your dog and enlarge his world. – Take a water dog swimming – A hunting dog hunting – Teach him tricks and commands and practice every day – Walk your dog – Play fetch and throw a dog Frisbee with him – Pet, groom, exercise, and play with him regularly – Get him some toys to play with when you’re not home – Rotate the toys – Take your dog to a dog daycare – Have a pet sitter walk him during the day Your best friend might be barking as a territorial and protective reaction. Does he bark more at night? Does he bark when the mail carrier comes, when people walk by or neighbors are in their yards? Does he take an aggressive stance when barking such as tail up high, ears up and tilted forward. You can lessen barking for these reasons by having him or her fixed, teaching him a command to be quiet and rewarding him or when he barks at passersby shake a can filled with screws or pennies to disrupt his barking after 3 or 4 barks, as he learns to stop, tell him good response, and give him a treat. If he barks when you are both inside, give him a command like sit and then reward him with a treat. You can take your dog on a errand and the car ride will stimulate his sense of smell, hearing, and sight, which will decrease his boredom. You can avoid situations that cue him to bark too much like taking him inside, when school children are about to walk by. Also, some breeds were bred for more barking, you may want to avoid those breeds. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: