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Arts-and-Entertainment Does your favorite photo deserve the beauty of a wood picture frame? When you shop for the perfect wood frame, you need to be aware of four pitfalls that could affect how happy you are with your frame purchase. Although these pitfalls are easily avoidable, they are .monly not considered when purchasing a wood frame. Pitfall #1: Mistaken Identity- It is important to know the different types of wood picture frames on the market before you make your purchase. Wood frames are available in solid wood, .posite and wood veneer. Knowing the type you are buying also lets you know how much you will be spending because costs vary depending upon the type of material. .posite Wood: .posite wood is made of .pressed wood pieces that are glued together with an adhesive. This is the least expensive type material. With .posite wood it is easy and economical to make frames with decorative or beaded borders and decorative round or oval frames. .posite wood provides quality construction and ornamentation without hand carved or glued on decorative pieces. If you have chosen an inexpensive "wood frame," chances are it is made of .posite wood. Wood Veneer: Wood Veneer frames use a thin sliver of real wood glued to a less expensive type of solid wood or, in some cases, .posite wood. Wood veneer is used to give a frame a real wood look without using an expensive solid wood for the entire frame. It is more cost effective to use wood veneer with expensive burl or exotic woods. Using a sliver of these woods is a great way to get the beautiful look of the wood while allowing more frames to be made from a limited resource. Pitfall #2: Wood isn’t Perfect- Although many people enjoy wood because of its natural variation in color, wood grain and natural imperfections, often we expect wood to look perfect. However, wood isn’t perfect. You should always remember that a solid wood frame will naturally have imperfections in the wood grain. Often people forget that natural products like wood frames are not perfect. High quality frame manufacturers do their best to minimize these variations, but these variations are just a natural part of the frame that gives it a unique appearance. Just be aware, before you buy your frame, that imperfections and variations in the wood are .mon. Pitfall #3: Sensitivity of Unfinished Wood- If you are familiar with unfinished wood, you may already be aware of this pitfall. An unfinished wood frame is raw wood and has no protective lacquer or coating to seal the wood. Remember that a single water droplet or greasy finger can leave a mark on an unfinished wood frame that will be difficult to remove. If you choose an unfinished wood frame, make sure to keep liquids away and avoid touching the unfinished surface. By avoiding these two simple things this should help minimize the risk of damaging your unfinished wood frame. Pitfall #4: Misleading Colors- If you are looking for a particular color in a wood frame, this pitfall is an important one to remember. Frame manufacturers describe wood frames with words like walnut, teak, rosewood and cherry. This does not mean the frames are made from these types of wood. Most people will associate a color with wood tone names so the descriptive words indicate the color of the frame, not the material from which it is made. Nowadays most frames are rarely made of solid woods, like cherry, walnut, teak or rosewood, but are instead stained those colors. Reading the frame description carefully, or asking the frame retailer directly, will clarify if the frame is made from these solid woods or if just stained the wood color. Usually, if it is not stated that a frame is made of "solid walnut" or "solid teak," you can be fairly certain it is just stained that color. Note: solid wood frames like walnut, teak and cherry will be more expensive than their stained solid wood counterparts. You will also be able to see each distinct wood grain. Now that you know the four potential pitfalls when buying wood frames, you will save yourself time, money and frustration by avoiding them, and you will feel confident in selecting the perfect wood frame to display your favorite photo. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: