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Internet-and-Business-Online They make money either way. The pay plan for ITV Ventures is a 4X7 matrix, which allows independent business owners to make between 4 on the total volume of their downlines. The pay-out goes 7 levels deep. An attractive feature of the ITV Ventures business opportunity is that once a product is sold to a customer, independent business owners keep that customer for the life of the customer’s purchases. It Ventures offers a home agent program to it’s independent business owners. With this option, an IBO can handle the in.ing phone calls that are generated from infomercials. They are routed by an Internet platform right to an IBO’s home. This is unique to network marketing, where typically individuals are responsible for education potential customers about the benefits of their products or services. So what about ITV Ventures is it the "real deal?" The "holy grail" of network marketing? Sort of. Their are some factors regarding the cost of various aspects of the program that need to be considered. Independent business owners are required to ‘move" a minimum of 100.00 worth of products per month. The 100.00 can .e as a result of self purchases or customer purchases. The home agent program has a monthly fee as well. Home agents must pay for "call credits" in order to handle in.ing calls. Call credits with ITV Ventures are 1.00 each, with the average call costing about 20 "credits", or twenty dollars. The success of a network marketing .pany hinges on it’s ability to create a duplicatable "system". each individual must be able to be "plugged" into the "system" and be able to experience success. With the ITV Ventures business opportunity, Independent business owners need to be good sales people. The products are expensive, and not every in.ing call results in a sale. Far from it. The .pany does offer an excellent training program, and quality support. In conclusion, ITV Ventures is an exciting opportunity. Donald Barrett has plans to add many new products and services in the very new future. The .pany has a good "handle" on what consumers are looking for in the health market, as well as other markets. The fact that ITV Ventures uses the credibility of infomercials to help build an independent business owner’s business, is very powerful. Plan on hearing more about ITV Ventures in the near future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: