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Xia Ying said: tea Pu’er tea soup why getting red reasons? Sohu and Pu’er Tea, sweet tea, tea tea bitter, slightly cold, warm, is China’s traditional natural health drinks. It has been found that the chemical composition contained in tea are more than 500 kinds of ingredients including caffeine, tea polyphenols, protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, lipids, organic acid and other organic compounds containing potassium, sodium, magnesium, copper and other 28 kinds of inorganic nutrients, mix proportion between the various chemical components are coordination. Moderate drinking tea on the human body has a certain role in health care. It can improve the spirit, to fatigue, help digestion, anti-inflammatory sterilization, prevention of intestinal infectious disease, can prevent heatstroke, thirst Sheng jin. The fermentation process of Pu’er Tea after the complex changes of the polyphenols can be divided into three parts: not oxidized polyphenols (residual catechin); water soluble oxidation products — theaflavin and thearubigin; non water soluble conversion properties. In Pu’er tea after fermentation, theaflavins and thearubigins, oxidation, polymerization, formation of theabrownin, because these pigments are water soluble substances, easily integrated into tea, tea from the original yellow to red, and then slowly changed from red to brown tea, more and more red. This is why Puer tea stored longer, because the soup color is red. This oxidation process, make tea astringency and bitter taste decreased significantly, plus higher soluble sugar and water extract content, thus forming a Pu’er Tea mellow taste, Tang sehong brown, make tea taste better. Theaflavins is soup "bright" and an important component, is the main component of thearubigin Tang sehong, theabrownine is the main reason for the soup color "dark", but also enhance the degree of red material. The aroma of Pu erh tea is a variety of raw materials, processing technology and storage environment. Xia Ying tea, search WeChat public number: xyxy400 (long press copy) 60 seconds a day to share, and you talk about those things tea! And for you to send a free sample tea gift for learning to share.相关的主题文章: