Xiamen 3 boys picked up the wallet to the security of the iphone6plus (Figure) yvette yates

Xiamen 3 boys picked up the wallet to the security of the iPhone6plus (Figure) – this picture through the circle of friends forwarded, and finally found the enthusiastic boy Shen Jiajie and his little partner. Xiamen Net – Xiamen evening news (reporter Lin Shan) "dear child, where are you? The boy in the picture today (1 days) in the afternoon of the lake Wanda picked up the wallet and mobile phone, to the property after the gate to go, we want to find his school, this spirit should carry forward." During the national day, such a message caused a lot of concern and forwarding Xiamen people. Yesterday, the children who do good deeds have found more than one. Two of them are the sixth grade students in primary school is a high forest, the fifth grade primary school students xiaguang. The three boy picked up the wallet mobile phone did not leave his name on the left Lake Wanda security booth Mr. Zhao said, 1 pm, 3 a little boy came up to me and said: "this is uncle security, we picked up the bag and mobile phone, trouble to their master." The little boy told Mr. Zhao, they are playing in the vicinity of Wanda SOHO apartment, saw a bag and cell phone in the ditch, pick up. Mr. Zhao had no time to ask his name, and the 3 little boys left, and he took one of the boys with a cell phone. Subsequently, Mr. Zhao and the phone to the Jinshan police station police. Jinshan police station Zhang said the police officer, wallet iPhone 6 plus mobile phones and bank cards, student ID, ID card, etc.. The student card information, he contacted the owner, the latter is the Xiamen University freshman students hou. The owner had to fly back to Shandong to submit documents to thank the little friend, after finding 24 hours of concern, Zhang received a police telephone, Hou classmates very surprise. Hou students from Shandong, in the afternoon to accompany the students to Wanda shopping, accidentally lost the bag. After the event, he and his classmates searched every corner of the Wanda shopping mall, and even garbage cans are over. Hou said that he called his cell phone, but no one answered, it may be possible to guess where the phone falls, has been praying for good people to pick up and back to him. In addition, due to the National Day visa, his ID card is lost, he was very worried, almost booked a ticket back to Shandong go through. "Some people may see the new mobile phone will directly take away, but kids are the first time to the staff, hoping to personally thank them!" Hou classmates said, had chosen to come to the Xiamen University, is attracted by the climate and environment of Xiamen, came to Xiamen for a month, he felt the enthusiasm of people in Xiamen and the city’s warm. The boy tried to put the wallet roadside hiding in the bushes such as the owner of the property in the afternoon, Wanda staff began tracing information forwarded in the circle of friends. Soon, a teacher of wutuo class recognized the boy in his class is high Lin primary school students, but there is no contact. Yesterday, the property company security officer Mr. Wu to confirm the high Lin primary school, two boys are six years (3) classes of Shen Jiajie and Zhu Xiaojun, the other one is the fifth grade primary school Hou Tianxiang rays. Shen Jiajie said that the day they play around.相关的主题文章: