Xi’an 25 poverty alleviation and relocation projects started this year to move 3384 (video) 9c8996

Xi’an 25 escaping poverty relocation project started this year moved 3384 newspaper news (reporter Zhao Hui) reporter learned yesterday, the 25 immigrants in our city (poverty) relocation project has started, "13th Five-Year" period, the city plans to escape poverty relocation, relocation of 8196 households, of which this year plans to implement the relocation of 3384 households. The implementation of the relocation of poverty relief is the implementation of the strategy of eliminating poverty in the central provinces and cities, and it is an important measure to realize the "catching up". The municipal government is required to strengthen the concept of time and the sense of efficiency, speed up the construction progress, to ensure that the end smoothly through the provinces to strengthen the quality assessment and acceptance; for the supervision of the whole process of construction, the establishment of the relocation project of lifelong accountability system, to ensure that each relocation project will become the high quality, people are satisfied with the excellent project; we must strictly enforce the policy standards. Hold the poor households filing riser per capita housing area of 25 square meters of the red line, never let the poor households for housing and debt, even aggravate poverty; to carry forward the "unremittingly, done in one vigorous effort, put the nail spirit", to ensure the completion of the city’s 2016 annual immigrants (poverty) relocation task, for the completion of the "13th Five-Year" Immigration (poverty) foundation the relocation task. It is reported that the district has been in accordance with the "four, four, four to avoid close to" principle, the relocation of poverty and disaster relocation and new urbanization, the combination of the new community, industrial park construction, scientific planning and site selection, to determine the construction of centralized resettlement point 25, as of now are comprehensive construction. Note: video only for extended reading. 2016 relocation of poverty alleviation projects across the country started相关的主题文章: