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Xu Qinghua: overseas real estate development can not simply copy the Deputy Secretary for international cooperation on environment and development experience Chinese China Xu Qinghua "2016 China International Fair for investment and trade and the international investment forum topic forum:" Belt and Road Initiative "and Chinese enterprises go out held in Fujian city in Xiamen province in September 9th. Xu Qinghua, Deputy Secretary General of China Council for international cooperation on environment and development. The silk road is the civilization and development of the ancient tradition, the ancient Silk China opened the door to the world, along with the extension of the Silk Road, China communicate with the world from trade to human, from the land extending to the sea, to promote the exchange Chinese civilization and world famous, in the new the stage of economic development, green, environmental protection, low carbon development has gradually become the mainstream of global growth, trade and investment pattern depth adjustment, Chinese conform to the trend of the times, put forward the strategy of "The Belt and Road", hopes to build international channels and promote the complementary economic corridor China along with the national development and the advantages of docking, upgrade to carry out foreign investment and cooperation opportunities for China enterprise transformation. In the push to build Silk Road Economic Belt and twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road vision and action of the 2015 program, the government proposed China highlight the concept of ecological civilization in investment and trade, strengthen the ecological environment, biodiversity and climate change cooperation, so how to deal with environmental challenges in the "strategic background The Belt and Road". Green, inclusive and going out is the key to the future development of enterprises.   in Xu Qinghua’s view, "housing prices sea has become a hot industry over the past year, with Wanda, green as the representative of the China real estate enterprises in the overseas investment scale is particularly outstanding, in the expansion of the international market but also improve local people’s livelihood. Real estate is an important carrier to improve the function of the city, is also the important condition to ensure and improve people’s livelihood, due to the "The Belt and Road along the underdeveloped countries population growth faster, the median residential demand is huge, overseas investment China real estate enterprises can effectively meet the housing needs of the local, to improve the living environment, for the benefit of the local people. At the same time, "The Belt and Road" infrastructure, trade port projects are for real estate projects for landing, will effectively drive employment, to the host country and enterprises "win-win, so the real estate enterprises to broad prospects of China Everbright, Xu Qinghua said. Of course, there are challenges and opportunities, Xu Qinghua pointed out that the development of overseas real estate companies, in addition to facing legal, tax and other aspects of the The climate does not suit one. faced many challenges, but also. The first The Belt and Road along national and regional environmental sensitivity is relatively high, the environmental capacity is relatively low, there is a huge risk of ecological environment. Overseas investment project of real estate enterprises exist in land acquisition, a series of resource consumption, the countries along the terrain, elevation difference is relatively large, the problem of soil erosion is serious, especially in South and Central Asia drought situation is more serious, related investment will aggravate the problem of host country resources shortage. In addition, the real estate industry involves heavy pollution of iron and steel, cement, and construction will consume a large number of social resources, pollution treatment will be inappropriate for the local environment相关的主题文章: