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Ying Da Winfrey kaishuan ex-wife Song Dandan: change the writers public concern number Sina micro plastic "married actor, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Ying Da Winfrey. Song Dandan: marry actor screenwriter Ying Da for Sina entertainment news, for the meal for clavicle and waist for popular actor avatars; "from my village" passing "old son Pan Jinlian" endless gun…… Network movie named hype no bottom line. On the evening of 12, the first 2016 hosted by screenwriter help China writers talk conference held in Beijing, Song Fangjin, Wang Hailin, Yu Fei, beam Hwan, Shi Hang these five writers also gave his "first off", a joy to present an industry. As the moderator of the general assembly, Ying Da praised the importance of writers, not stingy with his ex-wife Song Dandan and his current wife Liang Huankai made a joke, "I was married to actress, married female writer." In addition, Cai Ming, Zhang Li and Sarina walk the red carpet for the upcoming debut show the writers say spit back. How important is the writer? Ying Da kaishuan ex-wife Song Dandan: before marry actress married female writers mention Winfrey we are not unfamiliar, as a writer for his talk, playing the cross, Wang Hailin said, "the writers talk show not acting, is the expression of ideas"; Song Fangjin said, "don’t wait to see the work realized the existence of writers". Participated in the "Tucao assembly," Shi Hang is confident; I’m a little higher than them." However, the first session of the general assembly, Ying Da, a play on the ridicule of a number of writers, the five writers to open a concert." How important is the writer? Ying Da said with a smile, "I was married to the actress, and later married a female screenwriter." Take his ex-wife Song Dandan and his wife Liang Huan opened a joke. Song Fangjin denounced the clavicle for, rice for large beam Hwan ridicule name called "speculation disaster when young, long hair and waist, then board inch fluttering" Song Fangjin, will play Wang Hailin Tucao ray drama Trilogy: "meteor rain" "together again to see the meteor shower" "looking" together, "third not shoot, because watch a romantic called two times, called wave, three times is bullying." Song Fangjin and then ridicule the industry hot spots, that is, the popularity of multi actor actor topic. He is popular for the audience Wu Yi, text for the light, for the replacement of the legs, chest replacement, hip replacement, waist replacement, clavicle replacement…… "The producer said waist for is to find that hand back a copy, click, can touch the front of the navel like A4 paper waist. For if photographed is clavicular clavicle features, to find a coin can put a clavicle. What is the actor for dinner, eat a small appetite, pat play, can’t really eat a meal for." The upright Song Fangjin sigh, "which is to substitute, he’s going to incarnate ah. When the producer is Avalokiteshvara." Compared with Song Fangjin on the popularity of multi surrogate actor’s concern is beam Hwan ridicule from the network movie in the name of rubbing heat speculation disaster. Funny beam Hwan said he plans to film projects, "a few days ago, a township entrepreneurs looking for me to shoot their own love story, like to call the" village of love ", I say you can’t do this, tort, I help)相关的主题文章: